Lifestyle Archive: 2012

Galen Eye Centre

DIY: Beanies

By Veronica Saroli (ArtSci ’14)
Staff Writer

Meet the beanie. Last September, Stephen Jones’ veiled beanies for Jil Sander started cropping up all over the streets on the heads of...Continue...

QJAdvice: Holiday presents

Dear QJAdvice: The holidays are coming up and I'm at a loss for what to get my girlfriend. Her and I have very different budgets (she likes to spend $100+ on a present, while I have a...Continue...

The Latest 'Trend'? Anything Goes

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

The current fashion climate celebrates individuality and personal style.

We are experiencing a reversal of roles; inspiration comes from the...Continue...

A night in Las Vegas

This year’s Sci Formal brought the glitz and glamour, living up to its reputation as one of Queens’ most sought after events.

With Las Vegas-themed decorations, a chocolate fountain, an...Continue...

QJPolitics: An Obama win

David Hadwen is QJBlogs’ Political Columnist. He’s a fourth-year history major with a specific interest in American Politics. Follow him on Twitter @David_Hadwen.


The World of Food Porn

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

I am a self-diagnosed foodie (although let’s be honest, who isn’t these days). Cookbooks were once the place you’d look to for images of meals and...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: Ecuador Part Four

By Meaghan Wray (ArtSci ’14)
Staff Writer

Santo Domingo, a community in the Amazonian region of Ecuador, had never seen tourists stop and stay in their small town. Prior to our...Continue...

A beard, a mustache and a bond

There’s no secret beard society on campus, but there might as well be.Continue...

QJSex: DIY Dental Dams

Dental dams, a sheet of latex designed to be a barrier between you and your partner’s genitals during cunnilingus or analingus, aren’t the most accessible safer sex products. They’re $1 a pop at...Continue...

Gluten Free, One Meal At A Time

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

To ditch the wheat, to not ditch wheat…

Why be all or nothing? Rather than eliminating gluten all together (and...Continue...

Exchange Diaries: Pune, India

By Brent Moore (ArtSci ' 14)

One of my favourite parts about life in India so far has been buying groceries, because it's so different from back home. I’ve yet to find a...Continue...

Review: Paris Fashion Week

By Veronica Saroli (ArtSci ‘ 14)

Paris — the fashion week we’ve all been waiting for. The city of lights knows how to celebrate fashion, boasting the...Continue...

QJPop: #BaldforBieber

Rachel Herscovici is QJBlogs’ Pop Culture Columnist. She’s a second-year English major and one of the Journal’s Assistant News Editors. Follow her on Twitter @rachelhersci ...Continue...


By Savoula Stylianou
Arts Editor

It’s a sign of a true performer when you can perform with strep throat and not let the audience know you’re feeling under the weather....Continue...

90's TV Show Nostalgia

By Andrea Lam (ArtSci ' 13)

Remember the days you used to spend sprawled on the couch, munching away on junk food, eagerly awaiting the opening theme song of your...Continue...

The undead rise to the occasion

In case of a zombie apocalypse, Mark Asfar would use a crowbar, useful for opening doors, to
apply blunt force trauma to a zombie head.Continue...

Bill Cunningham: The Eye Behind Street Style

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

At first glance, Bill Cunningham looks like your average 83-year-old; his greying hair, twinkling eyes and sweater vests portray him as someone who isn...Continue...

Pumpkin Carving Tips + Tricks

By: Katie Grandin (ArtSci ’14)

Halloween is just around the corner, and though most of you are probably recovering from a weekend of dressing up and celebrating, you may...Continue...

Life after death

Scattered throughout the Biosciences Complex is a collection of animals caught in time.Continue...

QJSex: Erotica

Despite the enormously popular Fifty Shades of Grey series sparking a new interest in erotic fiction, it can still be pretty difficult to find good erotica, especially if you don’t know...Continue...