August 2, 2015


News: Queen's alumni witnesses earthquake aftershock

Footage from Kathmandu, Nepal, after second earthquake on May 12th. Footage courtesy of...Continue...

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Men's Rugby Championship 2014

For the third year in the row, Queen's men's rugby claimed provincial supremacy on Nixon Field.

Arwin Chan//Queen's Journal
Alex Pickering//Queen's Journal

WRL Celebrates Victory

WRL receives word that they won the 2014-15 AMS-Executive election.

Queen's Journal 2014Continue...

The Journal Chats With Team WRL

We asked team WRL to take us through their platform, and then chat with us a bit.

Editor: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal
Camera: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal Charlotte Gagnier/ Queen's...Continue...

The Journal Chats With Team SMH

We asked team SMH to take us through their platform, and then chat with us a bit.

Editor: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal
Camera: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal
Charlotte Gagnier/...Continue...

Queen's College Colours We Are Wearing Once Again: Entire Video

Editor: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal
Camera: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal Colin Tomchick/Queen's Journal John McLatchy/...Continue...

Postscript: Parkour

Katie Grandin talks to Zach McIver, a young parkour enthusiast and mentor for those practicing the discipline in Kingston.

Music: "Midori" by Beat Culture

Camera: Sam Koebrich/Queen'...Continue...

Frosh Week 2013

The Journal's recap of Frosh Week 2013 on campus.

Camera: Charlotte Gagnier, Sam Koebrich, Colin Tomchick

Editor: Sam Koebrich

Song: "Tightrope" by Walk the Moon; used with...Continue...

Wolfe Island Music Festival 2013

A stacked lineup of Canadian musicians entertained crowds, who arrived on the island by ferry after packed ferry.

Camera: Sam Koebrich

Editor: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal


Postscript: Buskers Rendezvous 2013

An inside look at the 25th annual Kingston Busker's Rendezvous.

Music: Shackled And Drawn (Bruce Springsteen Cover) by The Four Roads
Camera: Sam Koebrich/Queen's Journal

Making of the Queen's Journal: Print Edition

The making of the Queen's Journal print edition. Simplified.

Special Thanks to Queen's Photo-Ops and Queen's ManContinue...

Postscript: Kingston Flying Club

Three members of the Queen's Journal visit the Kingston Flying Club to learn about the club and it's ties to Queen's, as well to experience flight first-hand.Continue...

Postscript: Horseback Riding

Three members of the Queen's Journal staff accompany the Queen's Equestrian Team to DreamCatcher Farm on the outskirts of Kingston.Continue...

Postscript: Trapeze

Queen's Journal Postscript Editor Janina Enrile tries her hand at trapeze.Continue...

AMS Elections: Election Winners

Team BGP receive word of their win in the 2013 AMS referendum.Continue...

AMS election endorsement: How it works

The editors in chief explain how the Journal's AMS election endorsement works.Continue...

On the campaign trail

Behind the scenes with teams BGP, PDA and TNL.Continue...

Arts: Exclusive Interview with Ryan Marshall of Walk Off The Earth

The Queen's Journal sat down with Ryan Marshall of the band Walk Off The Earth for an interview before a charity concert at the K-Rock Center.Continue...

Sports: OUA Quarterfinals - Gaels vs. Golden Hawks

Queen's Journal coverage of the OUA quarterfinals, where the Gaels took a 34-0 win over the Laurier Golden Hawks.Continue...

Not your average backyard band

The Journal captures highlights from last weekend's illScarlett show.Continue...


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