QJPop: Bachelor blunders

Rachel Herscovici is QJBlogs’ Pop Culture Columnist. She’s a second-year English major and one of the Journal’s Assistant News Editors. Follow her on Twitter @rachelhersci.

There’s nothing more entertaining than a bunch of melodramatic women fighting over one playboy bachelor.

Thankfully, the TV franchise The Bachelor has brought the fun to Canada for the first time, bringing us our very own alumni: Brad Smith.

So far, the ex-Gael has proved to be great at getting girls into bed and making bad wife decisions.

I was actually beginning to like Brad until I saw episode six - the infamous “fantasy date” episode.

At this point, there are three girls left: Kara, the pretty and down to earth girl, Bianka, the high maintenance voice of reason and Whitney, the classic bitch.

At the end of each of their dates Brad presents each girl with a special note inviting them to share a suite together for the night (aka. Brad’s test drive).

Understandably, Bianka had a bit of an issue with spending the night with Brad while two other women would be sharing the same experience (especially since her past involved a cheating boyfriend or two).

He, of course, gets very upset with this rejection (hands shaking and all apparently) and expresses his frustrations.

“I feel like I’m suffering from something that’s been done to her in the past”.

“Suffering” he says - he’s suffering. Yes, Brad, life’s rough when you have three beautiful women pining over you in a situation where no matter what you'll end up with a girl on your arm.

Please, the only thing suffering was his ego and then some.

But, despite her protest, Bianka gladly follows him to the suite because ... well, who really knows why after that.

The show took a new turn when some Kardashian drama came into play.

Bianka revealed that she was dumped by the Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries who was found to be dating none other than Kim Kardashian.

The whole ordeal apparently left Bianka emotionally fragile and with a negative stigma against athletes (great idea to go on The Bachelor Canada where you will be dating a CFL player).

So, Brad, I know you’re probably looking to pick your beloved Whitney because why wouldn’t you want a girl with the nickname “Diva”? But, please, have some respect for yourself before you make a decision, after all, this reality TV love will be “forever” right?

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