QJPop: T-Swift-"Maybe I'm the problem"

I’ll be straight with you. Yes, I do sing some T-Swift in the shower every now and then.

No one can deny that some of her tunes are super catchy.

Everyone is also very aware that lots of her hits derive from her multitude of high-profile “relationships”.

Seeing as she has just been rumoured to have penciled in about five song regarding her most recent “love,” Harry Styles, I thought I would join others in the blogosphere and make a suggestion for her next single.

It’s honest, and based on all of her latest failed relationships; it’s called “Maybe I’m the Problem”.

We hear Taylor divulge details in interviews and through her songs about the heartache she goes through and the toll these men take on her.

Fine, life’s rough Taylor and that’s how you sell records.

I just question whether these “relationships” are even the real thing or if they’re a publicity stunt or just a way for Taylor to feel something to write her next hit.

Now, I’m the first to support her romantic escapades, after all, she’s dated all of our favourites.

What I’m sick of is all these angst-ridden love songs and the media’s focus on her latest relationships, rather than her latest music.

Taylor’s not blameless here, even she questions her ways.

In late October of last year, after playing a game on the Ellen show involving her numerous exes she begged Ellen to stop, saying, “It just makes me really question what I stand for as a human being.”

Please Taylor, I buy into your songs as much as the next person, but I’d like to hear about something else, something more.

You aren’t defined by the men you date and they aren’t accountable for your whole life’s successes and issues — don’t set that example, don’t be the problem.

Rachel Herscovici is QJBlogs' Pop Culture Columnist. She's a second-year English major and one of the Journal's Assistant News Editors.

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