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When we were kids, many of us were told that certain toys were for “boys” and certain toys were for “girls”. Maybe you grew out of these constraints as you grew older, finding it silly that sports are for “boys” and arts are for “girls” (how many female athletes or male performers do you know?), but a lot of these social beliefs are still projected onto sex toys.

A common misconception that we encounter quite a bit at the SHRC is this belief that “sex toys are for girls” or that there simply are no sex toys for people with male genitalia. This stigma is so pervasive that it can make it difficult for many males to even realize that there are toys designed for them, or that it’s okay to use sex toys.

If you are a person with a penis and you have found it difficult to find information about sex toys for you, keep reading! In this blog, we’ll go over the different kinds of sex toys designed specifically for male genitalia, as well as discuss some multipurpose toys that can be used in creative ways for people of any body type. If your reading of this inspires you to buy your first sex toy, you may want to read our previous blog, Buying your first sex toy.

Masturbation Sleeves
This is basically a product that is meant to imitate an orifice (vagina, anus, or mouth) and replace your hand for masturbation. These sleeves can be quite elaborate (such as a customized Fleshlight) or simple and disposable (such as a Tenga Egg). If you’re considering purchasing a masturbation sleeve, three primary things you may want to consider are tightness, texture, and subtlety.

Purchasing a masturbation sleeve that more closely resembles a vagina/anus/mouth (depending on what you’re into) may also help to enhance your masturbation experience. Always be sure to use water-based lubricant with a masturbation sleeve! A complete list of masturbation sleeves sold at the SHRC can be found on our website.

Prostate and/or perineum massagers
There are plenty of toys meant specifically to stimulate the prostate (aka the p-spot or the a-spot) or the perineum (as we explained in our blog on the prostate, it’s possible to stimulate the prostate externally by massaging the perineum). Some examples include butt plugs, small dildos and anal beads, and there are also a few “two-in-one” products designed for simultaneous perineum massage and a-spot stimulation.

There are some products that are marketed specifically as perineum massagers, but a lot of small vibrators marketed to women for clitoral stimulation may also work for you (such as the Silver Bullet, sold at the SHRC for $4). Always be sure that any toys you plan to use anally have a flared base and that you use water-based lubricant before inserting them!
A complete list of anal and perineum toys sold at the SHRC can be found on our website.

Cock rings and ball stretchers
These two products often get confused. Cock rings are usually worn at the base of the penis, behind the scrotum (although some prefer to wear them around the shaft of the penis only), whereas ball stretchers are designed to be worn around the scrotum. Cock rings are intended to help keep an erect penis harder, and ball stretchers are designed to keep the testicles from receding closer to the body and prolong orgasm.

You should also take caution while using these products, especially when using cock rings which are designed to impede circulation. They should only be worn as long as they are comfortable, or up to 45 minutes, whichever is shorter. If you are new to cock rings, start with a larger sized cock ring or an adjustable cock ring that can be easily removed if you experience discomfort, and try only wearing them for five or 10 minutes at a time as you become familiar with the various sensations that cock rings can provide. Although many people use cock rings and ball stretchers with their partner(s), you may also find that they can enhance your masturbation experience!
A complete list of the cock rings and ball stretchers sold at the SHRC can be found on our website.

Toys with partners
We’ll be exploring more in-depth toys that are intended to be used with partners during our Valentine’s Day blog. Just rest assured, while there are a lot of toys that are intended to stimulate one person at a time and can be fun to add to the bedroom in a “I find it sexy when I get my partner(s) off” sort of way, there are also a lot of toys that are intended to provide pleasure to more than one person at once.

Of course, you should speak to your partner(s) about what they are comfortable with before introducing a new toy to the bedroom!
A complete list of toys intended for partner use at the SHRC can be found on our website.

Just add lube
Honestly, if you masturbate a lot and do not already use lube to do so, adding a lubricant could completely change your masturbation experience (especially if that lubricant contains ingredients that can affect sensation e.g. warming or tingling lubricant).

While most sex toys are marketed distinctly for people with certain genitalia, if a vibrator makes you feel good, then don’t be put off by it being advertised blatantly towards women. Anything with a flared base can be adapted to be an anal toy to stimulate your prostate, and anything that can stimulate a clitoris could potentially be used to massage the perineum or stimulate the penis. Remember, a sex toy is anything that makes you feel sexy.

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