QJPop: Why I love One Direction

I’m not ashamed to say it: I’m obsessed with One Direction.

I sing their songs in the shower, hum them on my way to class and dance in my underwear when they inevitably pop up on my playlist.

And it’s not just my undeniable attraction to Harry, my irrational crush on Niall or my ridiculous obsession with Liam’s adorable face. Their music is catchy and it really does it for me, as well as millions of others.

Sure, I’m acting like a total fangirl of about the age of 13, but here’s my argument.

In short, they’re popular and they make good music.They’re like the Beatles meets the Backstreet Boys and I’m totally cool with that.

Maybe that’s a controversial comparison, but let me elaborate: Is Harry Styles a Paul McCartney? Absolutely not. Lennon and McCartney are absolute geniuses. Here’s the similarity: they’re all parts of very successful popular bands. There you have It, folks - One Direction is as popular now as the Beatles were then.

They’re both talented in their respective genres and eras and that’s why they’re comparable.

Same goes for the Backstreet Boys. Is One Direction more similar? Yes. But that doesn’t mean they can top those frosted tips.

As an avid shower songstress, I sing music from all three groups back-to-back. The Beatles and the Backstreet Boys had it going on at one point in time, and now, One Direction has it too. Popular music is just that, popular music.

You can’t deny their success. It seems like their fans multiply every time they release something new.

They also seem to have the ability to sing about wildly inappropriate things for their fan base of girls, which has an average age of about 12.

One night stands aren’t a thing when you’re a pre-teen, so being closer in age to these musicians make me feel closer to their level.

Their third studio album, said to be titled Midnight Memories, is expected in late November.

Styles said that it’s going to be a bit edgier; the boys actually had a hand in crafting some of the music themselves this time around. I’m excited, to say the least.

Maybe haters will think they’re generic or untalented, but I don’t think you’ve really taken into consideration the talent it takes to look that good while singing that wonderfully.

To each their own, right? Don’t hate. It’s a waste of time, because these lads have got it.

One Direction is the only direction I want to head in, and I don’t care what anyone says.

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