Defying Norms

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

What do Daphne Guinness, the Olsen twins, Lindsey Wixson and Tilda Swinton all have in common? Whether it’s through personal style or unique looks, these women celebrate individuality and rebel against the cookie-cutter mold of celebrity. Each of these women takes a different approach in differentiating themselves from the industry, through breaking rules, embracing fashion faux pas and highlighting their unique traits. These women celebrate and rock textbook defined flaws, such as Daphne's stand-out grey streaks and Lindsey’s famous gap teeth).

Daphne Guinness

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Daphne is one of the most buzzed about and sought after socialites of today. A descendent of Mr. Guinness himself, Daphne was born into the spotlight. Her shy, eccentric nature is juxtaposed by her edgy, offbeat and couture-inspired looks. You'll never spot Daphne in leggings or wool sweaters; she embraces wasp-like waists, razor-sharp shoulders and sky-high heels like it's her job. And it is, to an extent; Daphne is a performer, with each unique outfit presenting a different character. She has a natural figure and poise that brings pieces to life, as if they were designed specifically for her. Daphne can work an armored sleeve and wear it with the ease of a knitted sweater. Then there's the hair; the signature Cruella de Vil-esque black hair contrasted with bleached white and grey streaks. In a society that is obsessed with challenging the aging process, she certainly makes a stand; and she rocks it.

The Olsen Twins

They may not be known for their acting abilities, but there's no denying that Mary-Kate and Ashley have a knack for predicting and creating trends. They are perhaps most famous for the "hobo chic" look that still has it's place in fashion today. The twins surprised the industry when they started rocking oversized pieces, which defied the less is more look that was prevalent at the time. Long peasant skirts, fur vests, granny sweaters, printed scarves and oversized sunglasses become their signature style. They celebrated 'ugly' and fashion no-no’s (biker boots worn with peasant dresses, for example), and the fashion world couldn't get enough of it.
When designers and fashion lovers exhausted the look, the twins took us for yet another surprise and exhibited an androgynous, ultra tailored look. Monochromatic suits with structured blazers, high waisted trousers, slicked back hair and bold brows dominated their look, once again challenging traditional views of 'pretty'. Sky-high platforms were worn as everyday footwear, contrasting the laid back, comfortable style they had previously made famous. The following season, high waists, structured pieces and bushy brows dominated runways and high street. Though some resent the pair's title as "fashion moguls", there's no denying that they have a talent for embracing individuality.

Model Lindsey Wixson

Lindsey took a society-defined flaw and worked it to her advantage. Unlike most, she embraced her gap tooth and created a signature, stand out look that made her different from the rest of the modeling world. Comprised of perfect pearly-whites. She wouldn't have received a fraction of the success had she conformed to society's beauty standards with the traditional braces fix. Lindsey’s looks wouldn’t have been sought after in high school, and yet she has graced countless runways and magazine covers, including the September issue of Vogue.

Tilda Swinton

Perhaps unknown to some, model-come-actress Tilda Swinton embraces an androgynous, masculine look, a style that takes confidence and grace. Her sharp features and tall, boyish figure give her an alien-esque look that is complimented with edgy, cropped hair, elongated pieces and a no-makeup look. From her barely-there eyebrows to her pale, angular face, Tilda photographs like a piece of art. Tilda doesn't seek to be attractive or sexy, and yet her confidence and self-assurance in how she dresses makes her just that.

In a world obsessed with perfection, these women defy norms and prove that there’s no such thing as a flaw.

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