DIY: Zipper Detailing

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

With more than enough time on my hands over the holidays, I decided to take a trip to my local craft store and do a DIY day with a girlfriend. There’s something very satisfying about taking a plain sweater or t-shirt that you don’t give much attention and instantly updating it into a current statement piece. For my DIY project, I decided to transform a simple H&M sweater and long sleeved Wilfred knit using zippers. I’ve seen this type of detailing on jeans, leggings, sweaters and t-shirts, and for under $10.00 I decided to try making my own version.

What you need:

• 1 small zipper and 1 long
• Fabric glue
• Sweater (mine was wool) and/or long sleeved cotton knit
• Sharpie


For the sweater…
1. Put on your old sweater and mark with a sharpie where you would like your front ‘pocket’ zipper to be

2. Lay out on a flat surface, getting rid of any wrinkles or creases
3. Apply a strip of glue along back of zipper; place carefully on sweater and smooth out, pressing hard

4. Fold and place a heavy textbook atop the zipper to help it adhere to the fabric

For the knit…

1. Flip over your shirt and eyeball the centre of the shirt, using the label as a guideline
2. Apply glue to back of zipper, carefully place along back of shirt and press hard (make sure it’s straight!)

3. Find a couple of heavy textbooks and lay atop the zipper

Note: Avoid washing your garment in the washing machine; instead, spot wash

Where to buy? I went to Fabricland (located at 500 Gardiners Road), however you can also find materials at Michael’s Arts and Crafts (located at 656 Gardiners Rd).


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