The Importance of the September Issue

The September issue signals to many the beginning of a new season of style and fashion – a glimpse at the future which unfolds with each glossy ad-filled page.

I told my brother I was going on a quest for the Holy Grail of fashion, but with this hyperbolic language, he inevitably misunderstood me. The September issue means little to those that don’t wait in high anticipation to devour each high-end fashion editorial.

The September issue encourages readers to do more than nonchalantly flip pages in their spare time. At a startling 902 pages and 702 pages, Vogue and Instyle respectively suggest that print magazines are well and alive.

With thousands of Instagram users using the famous #Voguestagram hashtag, a social media response coupled with an overwhelmingly positive online reception points to sustained public support and praise of print magazines. RJ Cutler’s documentary, September Issue, still alters my image of the editor in chief, Anna Wintour, and creative director, Grace Coddington, as they worked to undermine the notion that the fashion magazine world is pretentious and exclusive.

I admire the passion and dedication of the editorial staff, especially after completing such a large production feat every year. Aside from honouring the exhaustive months of work invested into its creation, the September issue also sets the tone for the rest of the season – the reason why many fashion followers deem it “the bible.” Though I contend with the idea of conforming to trends, we need to recognize them in order to establish our own opinion and break away from fashion declarations to find our own individuality.

Like many students on a budget, however, shopping high-end fashion pieces isn’t a reality, but these trends will be mimicked and manufactured by more affordable retailers enjoyed en masse at our favourite malls.

September issues aren’t about redefining your identity, but are about refining your wardrobe. Whether these are the neutrals or the darker palettes you’ve delayed purchasing last year, the September issue can reaffirm your vested interest in purchasing a classic tote, trench or cardigan (whatever it may be).

And, with thoughtful deliberation, a list of wardrobe updates can be compiled for the season of markdowns in December and January.

The September issue beckons fashion-forward and individualistic readers to be aware of trends and classic style, but also encourages us to find inspiration with each creative editorial spread of dreamy far-off Ireland landscapes or futuristic Google glass bearing women. With a natural penchant for the feel of print over a glimpse of online text, you’ll only further your appreciation with the personal style inspiration waiting in each glossy visual-filled page.

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