Beauty edition: what's in my purse

It can range from cellphone to suitcase size, carry anything from a wallet to your chihuahua and garner confusion from those who have never held one – it’s the ever-elusive female purse.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s in my purse for three different occasions: school, evening and a weekend getaway.


When it comes to school, less is more. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button on the daily, here are the essentials for an on-the-go look.

BB cream: BB cream saves me precious time in the morning by condensing a three-step process into one product. Combining light-weight coverage with skin care benefits and SPF, it proves to be just what you need for a long day of classes. The Garnier Fructis BB Cream is one of my favourites and comes with options for dry or oily skin. The product allows your skin to breath while covering blemishes and evening out your skin tone.

Lip balm: Anyone who’s spent more than an hour in Stauffer knows how dry the air can get, leading to irritated chapped lips. That’s precisely why I always have lip balm in my school bag, and everywhere else for that matter. If you want to keep it simple, stick with a clear formula. Nivea Lip Butter is a great option because it feels luxurious but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to brighten your day with a tinted lip, my suggestion would be Maybelline Baby Lips. It’ll give you the extra tint and moisture you need.

Night out

Usually an evening event means a smaller purse – and a selective use of that precious realty. When I’m going out with friends or have an event to attend, I strictly avoid being weighed down by my bag. I’ve narrowed my make-up choices down to three essentials that are compact enough to fit in a small clutch.

Compact powder: As any girl who has been to Ale or Stages knows, it can get hot and sweaty in there. Don’t be caught without a little powder to keep that shine under control. Rimmel Stay Matte is a great option and adheres to a student budget. It is just as good, if not better than many of high-end powders I’ve tried. When it comes to powder, less is more. A light dusting should do the trick, and won’t leave your face looking like an impenetrable cakey shield of makeup.

Lipstick: A little lip colour can go a long way. When it comes to a night out, a swipe of the right lipstick can take you from ordinary to extraordinary. Lipstick is to me what a fairy godmother is to Cinderella – slightly melodramatic, but you get the idea. My favourite nude lip colour is MAC’s Hue, because it looks good with everything. Whether you’re going for a bold red or keeping it simple with a neutral shade, don’t forget this essential when you’re hitting the town!

Weekend getaway:

Everyone loves a good road trip, but it’s always hard to decide what to pack. While you never want to be caught without a beauty essential, over-packing is important to avoid. With these three suggestions, you should be able to tackle any beauty emergency while travelling.

Eye shadow palette: This makeup item is key for a weekend getaway because it can create both a day and night look. It's important to use a palette with a good shade selection that allows you to create multiple looks. My personal favourite is the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay, because it has a beautiful range of shades and combines shimmery and matte finishes. You can create anything from a simple day look to a gorgeous smokey eye. A more economical alternative would be the Wet ‘n’ Wild “Comfort Zone” palette. The pigmentation is fantastic for the price, and the colours are neutral enough to create a variety of looks.

Batiste dry shampoo: On a weekend trip, you may not always have time to wash your hair, but all you need is a couple sprays of this miracle worker to get the same effect. It also gives a workable texture to the hair if you want an undone look. Batiste is my favourite brand, not only because it smells amazing but it also blends seamlessly into my dark brown mane. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot – it may become your new best friend.

Face wipes: I would argue that there’s no better feeling than washing your face at the end of a long day but, sometimes on a getaway, you won’t be able to complete your regular nightly routine. Face wipes are a great alternative and are much easier to pack. If you’re wearing makeup, they can act as a makeup remover, and if you’re barefaced they can wash away the dirt and oil from the day. They’re also a nice refresher in the middle of they day.


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