Eight beauty innovations

This list combines the best of beauty practicality and innovation. While some of these are recent additions to our beauty regimen, others are staples that are indispensible for their timesaving convenience.

1. Colour-adaptive lip gloss and blush: For the uninitiated, determining the amount of blush to apply may seem daunting. Dior Glow Range, such as the Dior Addict Lip Glow and Dior Rosy Glow Health Awakening Blush, is loaded with moisturizers and pigments that alter to best flatter your skin tone.

How it works: Apply the glossy balm to your lips. Initially it will appear clear, but, on contact with your skin, it will change a pinkish hue. Similarly, the blush will first appear a bright fuchsia, but will react to the moisture on your cheeks and will change to a subtle and natural glow.

2. Automatic hair curler: This smart device will make manual hair curling a thing of the past. Babylist Pro MiraCurl may cost a little less than $300, but it’s an investment in convenience if you tend to prefer your tresses curled.

How it works: Choose between loose, medium or tight curls and the rotation whether left, right or alternating. MiraCurl will start to beep once hair is finished curling or before hair snags to avoid any painful beauty woes.

3. Body lotion spray: Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer is a non-greasy formula, which leaves skin noticeably smooth in seconds. Sometimes I’m pressed for time and I can hardly wait for lotion to go from that clammy to dry feel. Scratch that – it takes way too long in the morning rush.

How it works: Point and spray product on skin for a continuous application of moisturizing, rapid drying lotion. Unlike hair spray, mist is dispersed using compressed air, instead of drying alcohol-based propellants. Though glycerin and dimethicone aren’t new moisturizing ingredients, they definitely do the trick and the spray helps to moisturize hard to reach places.

4. Scientific-match foundation: This handy tool will save you the time of testing shades and simplify the shopping process.

How it works: Head to your local Sephora to try out their Pantone Colour IQ system, which uses colour-matching technology to find your skin tone and recommend you the best foundation in different brands from over 1,500 different shades. At Sephora, a salesperson will hold up the gadget to your forehead, cheek, and neck, which will illuminate your surface shade and undertones using nine different LED lights. They will also assist you with your particular skin needs, from anti-aging, mattifying or hydrating.

5. 6-in-1 Nail File: Revlon has designed a nail file with multiple layers, making it easy and convenient with a longer lasting nail file.

How it works: Simply use the nail file as any normal file and peel away the dull, used layer for a new layer. If you’ve forgotten to buy another nail file, this product will solve your woes – it lasts three times as long as a regular nail file.

6. Always sharp eyeliner: Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner adds the right amount of convenience to my beauty routine – think eyeliner that always has the perfect-shaped tip.

How it works: A pointy mold inside the lid of the eyeliner helps to reshape eyeliner after each usage. This product contains a plastic shaft and prevents any sharpening troubles. Those problems of the past – eyeliner that is unevenly sharpened, about to break off or perhaps, even to pointy – are turned into past memories with this super smooth and saturated liner.

7. Instant French manicure look: Textured nail trends may come and pass, such as Alexa Chung’s leather nail trend, but nothing can beat a classic French manicure.

How it works: Apply this super sheer pink formula on your nails and you’ll notice your tips become visibly whiter, while the rest of your nails turn a pink hue.

8. ”Triple C lipstick”: Giorgio Armani lipstick is the newest in lip colour technology: Armani’s new line of lipstick, which comes in 36 shades, reaps the benefits colour, comfort and care.

How it works: Instead of a standard liquid oil and wax lipstick, key ingredients like the Melting Cream Complex ensure extremely moisturized lips. Armani contains a water-attracting agent that allows lipstick to function as a lip balm by locking external moisture in the cell tissue of the lips. Lips feel hydrated for atleast six hours – more than your typical lipstick or lip balm. Think of it as skincare for your lips.

The best in beauty makes application and maintenance low convenience. These are the ones that topped our list in 2013, but we can’t wait for what will be released in 2014.


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