Heatless hairstyles

Summers in Canada are hot enough without the added heat of your blow dryer, straightener or curling iron. So save yourself from the extra effort and try out some of these heatless hairstyles — they’re fast, easy and stylish!

Easy Twist Braid Updo
This cute up-do only takes a few minutes to achieve but looks as though you spent hours perfecting it. It is the perfect look for attending a summer wedding, hanging out at a backyard barbecue or for those days when you feel like doing something special with your hair.

You’ll need:
• One hair elastic

How to:
1. Start with two sections of hair near your hair part. You can choose to use smaller sections for a more formal look or larger sections to achieve a messy style.
2. Twist the section closest to your hairline over the back section. This motion takes the front section to the back, turning the back section into the new front section.
3. Continue the twisting motion while adding the hair closest to your hairline. Only add hair to the front section. Remember that the two sections switch back and forth so they’ll have an even amount of hair.
4. The twist should continue down the nape of the neck towards the opposite side of where you started the twist.
5. Once you reach the end of the nape, twist the remaining hair until it coils onto itself. Secure with elastic. Another variation of this style is to secure the remaining into a ponytail.
6. For a softer look, gently tug the part of the twist that frames the face.

Fishtail Braid Pony
This variation on the traditional ponytail keeps hair off of your neck on a sweltering summer day. Plus this braid is much more trendy than a basic ponytail!

You’ll need:
• Two hair elastics
• A couple bobby pins (if necessary)

How to:
1. Secure your hair in a high ponytail. Pin back any baby hairs and flyaways.
2. Divide the hair in the ponytail into two even sections.
3. Take a smaller section of hair from one of the two large sections. Move this small piece over to the opposite large section. This small piece now becomes a part of that large section.
Pro tip: The trick to achieving a flawless fishtail braid is to work from the outside in, so the smaller section should be the farthest away from the section you will be moving it to.
4. You should now be left with two large sections. Repeat Step 3 with the opposite large section (if you started with the right side do the left side and vice versa).
5. Continue transferring small sections of hair between the larger sections until you reach the desired length of the braid. Secure with elastic.
6. Gently tug at the braid to mask any imperfections.

Overnight Beachy Waves
This hairstyle gives you a flawless look as you sleep. I love this method because it only takes two minutes in the morning to style! This style is perfect for an everyday look — and it’s quick! It can also be combined with the above two looks to achieve a chic laidback style.

You’ll need:
• Three hair elastics
• Mousse
• Hairspray

Before bed:
1. Take a shower. Allow you hair to towel dry until it is damp. Your hair shouldn’t be too wet because it won’t have enough time to dry overnight. On the other hand, hair that’s too dry will not create long-lasting, defined waves.
2. Squeeze a golf-sized ball of mousse onto your hand and work it through your damp hair. Once the entire product is off your hand, brush your hair to get an even distribution of mousse.
3. Section your hair into three fairly equal parts. Clipping each section will make it easier for you to braid.
4. One section at a time, French braid your hair. Make sure the braids aren’t too tight or else you will get a crimped style rather than waves. The braids should still be secure so that they do not come undone as you sleep. You should end up with three, similar-sized French braids in your hair.
5. Go to sleep. The three-braid technique is definitely one of the most comfortable overnight wave methods.

In the morning:
6. Unravel the braids. Run your fingers through your hair to blend the three sections together to get a seamless look.
7. Spray a light layer of hairspray on the waves so they last all day!

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