Student street style: bright & bold

Sporting timeless denim, stripes and fall nested, over-sized cardigans, Kerenza is known by her friends and the Instagram community for her thrifted ensembles. Keeping her timeless pieces in a minimalistic fashion, she fuses the new and the old to create outfits adaptable through the interchange of seasons.

What's the story behind your outfit of the day?
I’m wearing these corduroy yellow shorts which are my favourite and super comfy and which I bought on sale at American Apparel. I also tied this blue shirt, which I thrifted, around my waist because I like denim and felt like I had to include it somehow. I also thrifted this [black] shirt and I found both of them in the men’s section. I ended up modifying this [black] shirt by cutting the sleeves off and then I added a pair of sunglasses that I got from Forever 21. I’m not wearing any jewellery though because jewellery makes me feel restricted.

Thrifting is becoming a more prominent trend in these later years. From your experience, what would be some advice to some other people?
Keep an open mind. Look in every section, men’s, children’s, women’s, because there are a lot of things you can alter to fit you even if it’s not your size.

Where do you get your style inspiration?
Honestly, I follow men’s fashion blogs, namely Peter Adrian. I also admire the way Jenn Im, also more famously known as Clothesencounters on YouTube, is able to pair different kinds of clothes. She has so many pieces that not many other people own and can pull them off in a different way.

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable, simple, and casual. Comfort is important for me. I want to feel normal.

What are your top 3 closet essentials?
A denim jacket, a striped t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts.

What are some favourite places to shop at?
I go to the Goodwill in Newmarket frequently because it’s big and has a great selection. I also love Urban Outfitters and H&M because both these stores carry different thematic styles and pieces so I can really invest in things that are more versatile to dress up in different ways. But I think that it doesn’t really matter what store your clothes are from as long as you like it. I’d buy a shirt from Wal-Mart if I walked passed it and liked it.

What is something that everyone should invest in, right here, right now?
Everyone should try to own something that no one else has, like an ugly cardigan that doesn’t look bad when you put it on.

What would you say is the biggest fashion offence?
Flared jeans – they just don’t look nice. [Disclaimer: I don’t like them but I’m not saying that everyone who wears flared jeans don’t look nice!]

Any last words?
“Wear what you like and dress for yourself. Even if people think the article of clothes themselves look bad, you can still wear them well. A lot of people are scared to wear what they like but when they do, it turns out that sometimes people like things you think they won’t like.”

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