QJBlogs In The Kitchen: DIY Pizza

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

There’s nothing quite like homemade pizza. Pizza Pizza is great after a night out at Ale, but when you’re having pizza for dinner, homemade always wins. Homemade pizza hasn’t been sitting out all day and is a much healthier alternative as you can control your servings of cheese and meat. Buy a pre-made pizza crust each and make personal pizzas; save the rest for leftovers, or freeze in individual slices for a quick meal before night class.

What You Need:

Pre-made pizza crust (can be purchased at Metro): Opt for whole wheat and thin crust if available

Pizza sauce (most pizza crusts come with a package, or you can buy a tin of pizza sauce)

Cheese: We used goat, feta and mozzarella; though cheese can be pricey, the other ingredients are budget friendly, and when split between three or four friends it’s really affordable and well worth it for the fresh flavour.

Meat: Salami or pepperoni are inexpensive and packed with flavour. If you’re feeling gourmet, go for prosciutto.

Veggies: Anything goes; red peppers, onions and mushrooms are all inexpensive, easy to prepare options. If you like olives buy them sliced and jarred; one jar will serve a group, for a cost of less than $2.

Garlic: For a quick saute.

Dipping sauce: We used a simple Kraft ranch salad dressing and it did the trick!


• Preheat the oven according to crust package directions and crank up your favourite cooking playlist.

• Share chopping duties and slice up your veggies; we brought out three chopping boards and each took on a vegetable.

• Sautee the veggies in some olive oil and garlic to bring out the flavour.

• While veggies are sautéing, have someone shred the cheese; clear a table space and set up bowls for your ingredients for a nice self-serve presentation.

• Find a spot on the counter and dress your pizza; cover with sauce, sprinkle with cheese, veggies and meat; if you’re using goat or feta cheese, pass it around and crumble with a fork

• Place two pizzas directly onto a middle oven rack for 10-12 minutes; once cooked, take out using tongs and place on baking tray. Repeat with remaining pizzas.

• Slice your pizza with some kitchen scissors; just make sure to wash them before and after

• Drizzle some ranch dressing into a bowl for easy dipping and enjoy!

If you’ve got leftovers, slice the pizza into individual servings and wrap in tinfoil. Store in the fridge or freeze.
Our pizza night was shared between five people, and the cost of all of our ingredients (five crusts, goat cheese, feta, mozzarella, meat and veggies) totalled just under $40 -- less than $10/person. This is a much more affordable option than your go-to Woodenheads pizza; plus, you get to enjoy cooking it and eating it in the comfort of your own home!

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