Brunch on a budget

Brunch has become a ritual of sorts, especially in our student culture. We plan it methodically

and deal with life’s biggest problems over the mid­morning meal.

It’s the ultimate foodie experience: you show up to your favourite spot and gorge on scones, eggs and smoked salmon like it’s your day job. And on Sundays, it is.

We have British author Guy Beringer to thank for inventing this weekend tradition. He coined the word “brunch” in his 1865 article entitled “Brunch: A Plea” in Hunter’s Weekly.

Brunch evolved into a meal adopted by the influx of non­church going folk in the post­war era of North America. Since most restaurants were closed on Sundays, hotels took on the idea to offer luxurious spreads.

According to Beringer, “[b]y eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for Saturday night carousers ... Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk­compelling.” But if you’re hitting up a popular spot with your friends, you can often find yourself paying ridiculous prices for a supposedly carefree meal on a lazy Sunday.

If sky­high brunch prices are a deterrent, fear not. I’ve picked two super simple, customizable brunch recipes for a relaxing Sunday brunch at home that doesn’t drain your wallet.

Wonderful waffles

These simple waffles go with literally everything and are perfect for brunch parties. To keep prices cheap for everyone, have each guest bring something special to top your treats.

Yields: approx. 8 waffles


— 2 cups all­purpose flour

— 4 tbsp. sugar

— A healthy dash of salt

— 2 cups milk

— 4 large eggs (at room temperature) — 1/2 cup melted salted butter

— Toppings (some of my favourite are maple syrup, caramel sauce, fresh fruit, bacon bits and peanut butter)


1. Follow the cooking instructions on your waffle iron to preheat while you prepare the batter. 2. Sift the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder together in a big baking bowl.

3. Whisk together the eggs, vanilla and milk. Melt the butter.

4. Slowly add the wet ingredients and butter until everything is smoothly combined.

5. Use the batter to make fresh waffles/pancakes when your guests arrive. Finish with the toppings of your choice and enjoy!

Easy frittata

If you want a more savoury dish for your brunch affair, this simple frittata recipe can use any of your favourite foods.

Traditionally, frittatas feature potatoes and cheese, both of which are very present here. It’s basically like a quiche without the hassle of making the pastry.

Yields: 1 large frittata


— 15 eggs

— 1/4 cup of cream, milk or water — 1 cup grated (or crumbled) cheese of your choice

— 1/2 lbs. of boiled and roughly cut mini red potatoes

— 1 cup of chopped veggie of your choice —1/2 Spanish onion chopped

— 2­3 large cloves of pressed garlic — 2 tbsp. olive oil

— 2 tbsp. softened butter

— Salt and pepper to taste


1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

2. Whisk together your eggs and cream. I use cream because it adds an air of decadency.

3. On a medium­high heated pan, sauté your garlic and onions until browned. Add in the rest of your veggies. Once they’re cooked to your satisfaction, pour them in your buttered baking dish.

4. Sprinkle on the cheese and then pour your eggs on top, gently mixing everything together.

5. Bake for about 20­30 minutes. Cook until puffed and there’s no runny egg. Serve hot. You can even garnish with fancy sprigs of herbs.

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