Artist in Profile with Moneen!

1. Who are you?
Kenny Bridges.

2. What do you do?
I sing and play guitar for Moneen.

3. Where can someone find you?
Hopefully not in a ditch.

4. Where do you live and work and why?
I live in Brampton. I can't really call the band work. But if it were, then I work in a small van traveling around trying to make people smile. I travel with 3 other guys who also have the same mission. Why? Why not.

5. When did you start making music together?
10 years ago. Time flies.

6. How would you describe your music?
Aggressive melodic pop, with a side of space.

7. What inspires you?
Beach boys, old jimmy eat world, failure, people who are extremely good at what they do and warm days.

8. What's the nicest things someone has said you to after a show?
I once told Walter from quicksand / rival schools how much his music meant to me and that it changed my life. He quickly replied, "you know what? One day someone is going to come up to you and say the same thing". I thought he was just being really nice. But one day someone did come up and say that to me. That's when I realized how truly powerful music can be.

9. What's the worst thing someone has said to you after a show?
The other day a drunk girl told our tech that we were a great band, but sounded like shit.

10. What are your current obsessions?

11. When someone says "Kingston" you think...
Uncle Doug.

12. What are you currently working on?

I am so close to finishing my home studio. Built it from scratch with our bass player Erik. We gutted the basement and framed it all, wired it all, dry-walled it all ourselves. The only thing left is windows and doors. So close! It will be great to be able to create music whenever we want.

Moneen play The Mansion Dec. 11

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