Movie Picks: I Love College

By Trilby Goouch
Blogs Editor

With the return to university life, student housing, budgets and late-night trips are the norm. But let’s face it, who ever really complains? To celebrate the return to Queen’s, here looking at 10 best-loved college-themed movies that make us never want school to stop.

Based on the motto "Do not let schooling get in the way of education", Blake Lively, Jonah Hill and Justin Long show that College rejections aren't the be all, end all...create your own university instead.

The Social Network
Despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s character is beyond obnoxious, the movie reveals Facebook in a whole new light. Justin Timberlake does a good job playing the condescending creator of Napster, and we found ourselves rooting for Edwardo (played by Andrew Garfield) throughout the entire film.

Mona Lisa Smile
Julia Roberts teaches art history at a prestigious all-girls American school in the 1950's. Her unique teaching methods and against the grain attitude, challenge the housewife mentality of the time, which stirs up trouble among the faculty and students. Kirsten Dunst plays a vicious bride-to-be who successfully stirs up trouble and has us on the edge of our seat.

A must see classic that had us laughing and crying; get ready for some goose-bump inducing inspirational scenes and a main character who is both lovable and endearing.

If you haven't watched this since high school, re-watch this gem and we're sure you'll be just as amused, “cus Scotty doesn't know...”

Animal House
This is an oldie but a goodie. The film is centered on the classic war between fraternities; take note of some good party ideas along the way.

Legally Blonde
“Cus, like, every guy loves a lawyer!!” Reese Witherspoon stars as Elle Woods, the ultimate real-life-Barbie in search of living the Harvard dream; complete with pink notebooks, fuscia skirt suits and a lap dog.

Good Will Hunting
Matt Damon and Robin Williams do an amazing job at portraying the relationship between a College professor and a young caretaker who happens to be a mathematical genius. The story is powerful and moving, a classic tale of overcoming obstacles and self-discovery.

Van Wilder
Canadian Ryan Reynolds plays the Peter Pan of college; he doesn't want to grow up and decides to cling on to his golden years by staying in college. A classic bro story capped off with a good-looking main character...what's not to love?

Old School
Will Farrell + Vince Vaughn= epitome of College humor. We're sure you'll love Frank the tank as much as we do.

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