Getting into the spirit: Six holiday movies to watch

The holidays are all about cozying up with a cup of cocoa and experiencing those classic feel-good flicks. If you grew up in the 90s, some of these films will have you reminiscing back. From romantic comedies to action films, here are some movies to check out over the holidays:

Home Alone: This movie takes me back to the joys of childhood mischief. If that isn’t enough for you to watch child actor Macaulay Caulkin in his golden days, watch Home Alone to reminisce about the 90s. It’s a holiday classic and as nostalgic as A Charlie Brown Christmas. The real entertainment lies in the antics of eight-year old Kevin McCallister as he defends his home from a pair of half-witted burglars. When left to your own devices (literally, his own makeshift booby traps), Kevin reminds us how hilarious childhood mischief can be. It’s a child’s worst nightmare being left at home and away from the fun, but sometimes the best things aren’t always planned.

The Holiday: This flick has got to be my guilty pleasure. This romantic comedy, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, will help you escape the blustery winter weather outside with its amazing cinematography of the English countryside and LA cityscape. A house-swapping arrangement between two ladies has romance blooming and adventure abounding when chances are taken. Between the two locations, this movie is sweet and touching for the holidays. It may not be the most realistic, but it’s a feel good romance that will blanket you with fuzzy feelings and leave you feeling the holiday spirit.

Love Actually: This is a good go-to, away from too many family flicks and childhood nostalgia. If there’s one Christmas-themed romantic comedy that needs a shout out, it would have to be this film starring an ensemble cast that includes Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley. The movie weaves together love stories and woes of various couples, making for light laughter and hilarity. This movie will be sure to have you forgetting about that ugly Christmas sweater party you have to attend the next day.

A Christmas Story: The first time I saw this film, it was part of a holiday marathon. As a child, I really empathized with nine-year-old Ralphie – all he wants is a BB gun. I thought back to toys I had always wanted for Christmas and the suspense with whether those wishes would come true. A lot seems to go wrong for Ralphie, from tormenting bullies to horrible school marks, which builds the suspense of whether he’ll receive his BB gun and, more importantly, like everyone foretells, whether he’ll shoot his eye out.

All I Want For Christmas: Few things are more precious than a little girl who only wants one thing for Christmas - for her parents to get back together. Two New York City children, Hallie and Ethan, only want a family holiday but, with their mother’s impending remarriage, that may prove difficult. This film is abundant in child mischief, but the children's goal of bringing together their parents for a holiday spent with family is priceless. The obstacles they encounter on the way, from mice to an ice cream truck, will have you wishing and relishing in their many efforts.

Die Hard: What would holiday viewing be without a little variety? Sometimes it’s nice to step back from all the mushy sentimentalism and feel good movies. Die Hard is an action-packed movie that shows that holidays can sometimes take a turn for the worst. It’s a holiday party at Nakatomi Plaza gone horribly wrong. After German terrorist Hans Gruber takes Holly Gennaro hostage, her estranged husband, John McClane, comes to her rescue. From machine gun violence to roof jumping action, this film has got you covered this season.

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