Another year, another resolution

By Rachel Hunter

January was the judgment month as New Year’s resolutions stayed at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s no surprise that many resolutions begin with goals towards a change in lifestyle, such as a change in diet or increasing exercise.

As we move into the second month of resolutions, it can be easy to fall off track as the year gets busier and priorities change.

According to Derek Wiggan, a fitness supervisor from Queen’s Athletics and Recreation, it’s never too late to turn around your fitness habits or get back on track. The key is in creating smart fitness goals.

Starting out

When creating realistic fitness goals there are a few important tips to remember.

1) Be patient

“Treat it as a goal, not a race,” Wiggan said.

The biggest problem when creating fitness goals is that people aren’t patient enough to see the results. Make sure when you’re looking at your current fitness level and comparing it to your ideal level you take into consideration the time and effort it takes to get there.

2) Start off easy

Don’t shock your body.

“People often go too hard and force themselves into a workout their body isn’t ready for,” Wiggan said. “This just causes them to burn out faster and lose motivation.”

3) Comfort is key

There are countless ways to begin achieving one’s desired fitness level.

“If you aren’t a treadmill person, don’t force yourself on it,” Wiggan said.

Start with something you will feel good doing.

4) Leave time for rest

“Pace yourself.” As important as it is to challenge yourself, you must be rested in order to achieve your maximum potential.

Fitness at home

There are also countless opportunities around the house to keep you motivated.

- Push- ups while watching TV.

This way you won’t feel as bad about procrastinating.

- Use music to motivate you.

“While exercising at home, listen to your iPod. It will help you to stay motivated and to keep on doing those crunches until the end of the song,” Wiggan said.

- Invest in affordable equipment.

“Go buy a bar you can mount to a door frame for chin ups. It’s easy to do a few reps every time you walk through the door,” Wiggan said. “Skipping ropes are also very affordable and easy to do inside and out.”

- Keep things in your view.

For example, leave your shoes by your door or your yoga mat by your bed. By leaving these objects visually accessible you will be more inclined to use them.

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