Packing Essentials


When I packed for my first year at Queen's, I religiously followed the student guideline and googled endless articles on how to prepare for life in res. They were great resources, but there were a lot of things they didn't tell me to pack that would have made my life a lot easier. With September quickly approaching, we bring you a list of somewhat offbeat, random and not-so-obvious packing essentials.

For function: Two sets of sheets: use interchangeably, since I guarantee you will find yourself putting laundry on the back burner of your to-do list.

2 power bars: Avoid stretching cords across the room. This also allows you to go wild with Christmas decorations.

Reusable grocery bags: Great for disguising mess and keeping clutter at bay.

Air freshener, and if you work out clothing freshener: No matter how much you clean, some res rooms come with a permanent stench.

Baking soda: Hide this gem in your closet and fridge to absorb odors.

Small humidifier: The air gets really dry in the winter once the heat is turned on. Say goodbye to dry skin, frequent colds and nosebleeds. 

For you: A snuggy: Excellent resource for late night fire alarms or common room movie nights.

Slippers: See above.

Desk mirror: A nice alternative to camping out in front of your closet mirror when you're getting ready for the night.

Plastic cups: A necessity that most people forget to bring, and you'll be a hero. All those frosh week activities will leave you really thirsty.

Rain boots: Gotta love Kingston's slushy winters.

Laptop pillow: Not essential, but your bed will likely become your home office.

Dry shampoo: One of the greatest inventions on earth.

Cold FX, Tylenol and Vitamin C: Crucial to have in supply at all times. The minute you find out someone is sick, pop these and you will likely avoid it.

For class: Stock up on printer ink: Make sure to buy in bulk with your lovely parents. Mid-term cartridge purchases are not only a pain but really break the bank.

Laser printer: Solves the above issue...I really wish I had purchased one of these.

Ear plugs: Great for studying at Cogro or Starbucks, or if you have Friday morning class and the rest of your floor doesn't (thank you SOLUS).

Envelopes and stamps: In case you need to send something home or plan on sending a carepackage to a friend.

Printout of your class schedule for your door: Very useful and a great way to get to know others in your courses. I.e. "you have an 8:30 on Friday too!? Let's be friends."

Other tips to keep in mind:

• Queen's campus is limited to CIBC ATM's, so you might want to switch over or create an account for easy fee-free withdrawals.

• If you regularly purchase prescription medications, notify your MD that you will be living in Kingston and visiting a different pharmacy. They can give permission so you can easily order medication in Kingston.

• Be sure to do a lot of research on selecting a meal plan. Not everyone requires the same plan.

• If you've got a roommate, get in touch with them! And develop some guidelines to make your transition of living together a pleasant one.

• Save your money and hold off buying wall decor for the poster sale that takes place in September. The sale boasts a huge variety at great prices.

Got more ideas? Share your suggestions!

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