Baking for change

They’re cupcakes for a cause.

Cupcake baking can be therapeutic and rewarding – that’s what I’ve learned after speaking to Sarah Sharp, Eng ’15.

With sample cupcakes in tow, the owner of recently-founded cupcake business, Sweet N’ Sassy, Sharp told me of her love of baking and her personal motivation behind her fundraising efforts:

When did you start your cupcake business?

My business is really new – I actually just launched the website and everything at the end of August this summer, so it has only been going on for a few months.

When you first launched your business, what expectations did you have?

I’ve always been making cupcakes and then I decided why not sell them? I expected a few orders here and there so it has kind of turned into more than I expected it to in a positive way.

How did you start – were you baking as a hobby before?

I was baking forever, and then I started actually started decorating cupcakes about a year ago and just this summer I decided I would make a business out of it.

How often do you bake on your own personal time?

Multiple times a week, probably three times a week.

How receptive was your family and friends?

My family and friends have been really supportive throughout the whole thing. I’ve always just been baking for them … I also wanted to do something [where] I could donate to charity. So I have a cupcake for a cure, which is the pink lemonade cupcake and then 20% of all my sales for that go to breast cancer research. I had an aunt that passed away from breast cancer so that’s why.

The orders you have taken so far have they been mostly from friends or strangers?

I have [had] a few parents of frosh … that wanted [cupcake orders for] birthday presents or some of the frosh themselves wanted them for [their] friend’s birthdays. So I’ve delivered a few times to campus.

How do your customers initially hear about your business?

I have posted in the “Free and For Sale” [Facebook] group and I have a Kijiji ad and then my Facebook page as been getting a lot of likes as well.

Where do you get your baking inspiration?

I love Lauren Conrad so I read her blog all the time… Even just colours from pictures that she posts – I get ideas from that as well… I do look at Pinterest often.

How do you see the cupcake business in relation to school?

If it’s successful, I’d for sure love to [continue the business] after university and make a full-time job out of it, but for now, [the business] is just on the side. If it came to [a full-time career opportunity], I would for sure love to do that.

Sharp says she pulls a lot of creative ideas from online and likes to perfect her cupcake decorating skills in her spare time.

From Ferrero Rocher to s’more cupcakes, I can certainly attest to the fact that these cupcakes aren’t your ordinary baked goods. Combined with delicious presentation, the hint of mint in the chocolate cupcakes adds a nice and unexpected kick and makes these sweet treats truly deserving of the gourmet title.

For more information, check out Sweet N’ Sassy Cupcakes by Sarah:

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