People find sexual gratification in strange places. Some find it in a set of fuzzy handcuffs. Others find it in a pair of crotchless panties. And then there are those that find it suspended fifteen feet off the ground, hovering naked over a bleached corpse with metal rings pierced through their flesh connected to chains that hang from the ceiling.

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September 8, 2000
If Nelly was the king of the world we’d all be chilling in the hood, waving our gats in the air and capping off every sucker MC who’s style wasn’t fresh. We’d ride around in expensive cars while big booty ho’s passed the chronic and danced. He’d be 50 feet tall and we’d flock in droves to praise his flow and his wealth. Unfortunately, Nelly is the king of nothing and his only destiny is the bottom of a bargain bucket. “Country Grammar”, the title cut and the reason this album was made did the rounds on BET and Muchmusic and has had pretty good airplay, but everyone will be sick of it soon. After that we won’t be seeing much more of Nelly.
New to the Arts & Entertainment section this year, Style File will be a monthly column featuring news about fashion, beauty and whatever else contributes to what you wear and how you wear it. It will focus on style news as it pertains to the university student, including articles on anything from the quest for a formal dress, to why fashion is art. Ideas are always welcome; this space is designed to reflect what the public wants to know.

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September 8, 2000
How unhappy are we? It seems that, now more than ever, we all want to be someone else, something else. Famous. The guy who makes your pizza, the girl who delivers your mail, the kid in the 7-11 parking lot messing around on his skateboard — all want to entertain you someday.

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September 8, 2000
Although many may not have heard of the late Al Hansen, his grandson, Beck Hansen, is the Grammy award winning musician whose eccentric visual style is famous world wide.
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