A Friday night for some Queen’s students might involve a few drinks and some good memories. As a Muslim person, I like the good memories part, but I don’t drink and I don’t feel there’s a need for it.
The freezing cold, uneven slush on the sidewalks that makes you look silly walking home, chilly winds, and the sun setting at 5 p.m.—these are only a few of the awful things accompanying the Kingston winter weather. Though dare I say, worst of all, is the feeling of coming home after a long day and your skin feeling like it’s never once been moisturized.

Music can change your life

February 3, 2023
Music has always played a big part in my life and certain songs often mark pivotal moments for me. My memories are the most vivid when I can associate them with a particular song. Here are three songs that changed my life and why.
On Princess St., right beside Tommy’s, lies the one and only: Dr. Shawarma. The name is deceiving as Dr. Shawarma offers more than shawarma; it offers heavily underrated South Asian food. 
The relationships we form bring us joy and fulfillment, including friendship, romance, and family. While strong social connections allow us to navigate life in a positive way, other relationships may hinder our wellbeing.
The “cold girl” makeup aesthetic has taken the beauty community by storm this winter, trending on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. The look was developed by makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy, who found inspiration in Hailey Bieber and other celebrities who are known for their effortless and natural makeup looks.
When you’re a student, tuition and textbooks can eat up your finances quickly, so shopping for other essentials—like clothing—can be difficult.
Here it is. What we all hold off doing at the gym: cardio. Luckily, I’ve made it kind of fun.
Some people assume you can “think” your way out of mental illness.

Jane and the giant peach

January 20, 2023
With various influencers and stars like Kim Kardashian posting their curvaceous figures on social media platforms—with the spotlight focus on their backside—it’s no surprise women everywhere want to grow their glutes.
Ice skating 
We’re a week into the winter semester and—I imagine—we’re all struggling to stick to our new year’s resolutions. It’s difficult to fit new habits into an already packed schedule.
The new year has ushered in 365 days full of potential and promise. 

Introverted and afraid

January 13, 2023
A while ago, I interviewed for an online tutoring job.
Many who go to the gym consistently have a favourite area of their body they target most. 
For those who prefer to go out and be active in the wintertime rather than cuddle up inside to avoid the cold, a skating, skiing, or snowboarding date is the perfect one for you. 

2023 fashion ins and outs

January 13, 2023
If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of filling and purging my closet—or, more accurately, a tightly crammed clothing rack—it’s that building an efficient personal wardrobe is essential.
A grown man in a full-blown elf costume; three adult women dealing with their comedic mothers during the holiday season; a cartoon—or live-action—green, hairy man who has a pet dog; or a rom-com that just meets the “holiday movie” category because it’s based in mid-December? What’s not to like?
Nearing the holiday season, the gyms are packed. Pre-holiday break, but after exams, everyone has a load of free time and no excuse not to go to the gym. Post-holiday break, everyone is trying to work off the boatloads of holiday family dinners they just absorbed.
If I had a dime for every time I’ve been stressed about school, upset that I wouldn’t achieve a higher grade, or surrounded by notes, textbooks, and lecture slides past 1 a.m., I’d be sitting somewhere on a yacht.
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