Pork chops and pan-fried peppers

A cozy fall dinner for the chilly months ahead

Image by: Kiera Liblik
Pork chops and peppers.

This delicious dish of pork chops and pan-fried peppers tastes like a home-cooked family dinner and is a great, comforting meal for the colder months ahead. 

Whether it be to impress a date or simply treat yourself, it’s essential to have a few easy but delicious recipes up your sleeve. I’m talking dinners that take less than 20 minutes to make, but taste like they took an hour and a call to mom for help to create.

In less than 20 minutes, under 10 steps and only four ingredients, this recipe is also incredibly easy to customize. Season your pork chops and peppers however you’d like and simply double the recipe for two.


– One orange/red/yellow pepper

– One pork chop

– Seasoning (I use salt/pepper)

– Olive oil


  1. Slice pepper and remove seeds
  2. Heat up olive oil in two pans on stovetop level six
  3. Immediately add peppers to one pan
  4. Season the porkchop
  5. Add the porkchop to other pan when olive oil is bubbling
  6. Stir peppers and remove when soft (about 10 minutes)
  7. Cook pork four minutes on each side, then three minutes, then two minutes, and finally one minute on each side
  8. Enjoy! (Pairs well with rice or quinoa if you want something more substantial)

Next time you’re in a rush but still wanting to feel like a put-together adult, this is the perfect recipe for a great meal in the lowest maintenance way possible.


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