Letters to the Editors

SOARB wants advice

Dear Editors,

Last November, the Senate Orientation Activities Review Board (SOARB) posed several questions to members of the Queen’s community on the future of Orientation. Whose interests does Orientation serve? What is the meaning of and what are the implications for ‘student-run’ Orientation?

What are the goals and objectives of Orientation Week? How should responsibilities be assigned and what structures can be put in place to make Orientation happen and happen well?

SOARB continues to seek and will greatly welcome input on these critical issues. The original discussion paper, “Queen’s Orientation: Looking to the Future,” is available on the web at www.queensu.ca/secretariat/SOARB/Discussion.html. Please send comments by Friday, February 9 to Joan Jones, Secretary of SOARB, by e-mail to jj7@post.queensu.ca or by mail to the Office of Town-Gown Relations, Room 124, JDUC.

Bob Crawford, Dean of Student Affairs
Micah Melnyk, Co-Chair, SOARB

Everybody’s a critic

Dear Editors,

Frost Week perpetuates the stereotype that Queen’s students will come up with any reason to drink. “It’s winter, let’s get drunk.”

The Alfie’s New Year’s celebration—10 days too late—also proves you people will make up any lame excuse to drink. Celebrating the real New Year wasn’t good enough because you were staying with mom and dad? You must then invent a New Year’s party so you can ‘properly’ celebrate with your Queen’s friends, Jen and Jenn.

So some students were able to get Legal Aid to represent them against keg party charges. When I had a legit problem, namely a neighbour who was harassing me, Queen’s Legal Aid said they couldn’t help. And I’m a Queen’s grad. I have since seen ads for Legal Aid saying they’ll help anybody. The kegger enthusiasts were portrayed as poor souls just trying to get by in life. Since the kegger was illegal, I have no pity for them.

The new Gusto restaurant will look nice. Too bad it’s in an ugly area of Kingston. The Hub is the worst-smelling part of Princess street.

I wrote a letter to this paper recently, only to be told it didn’t qualify as a letter. In the January 12 issue, one letter states that “the AMS is poo,” and this qualifies as being printable. I’ll try to use the word “poo” in future letters.

An article on the Survivor show says the program “makes for an interesting socio-political experiment.” You’re giving this trash too much credit. It’s scripted—the producer told people how to vote. The article says the new Survivor has Jennifer Aniston and Ken-doll types. That’s just like at Queen’s.

Another article mentions the A&F magazine. Good thing Queen’s is in Kingston, or A&F wouldn’t have any purchases at all from Kingston residents.

On the plus side, Misc. was the best I’ve seen in a long time. But please tell me you didn’t actually microwave Kinder Eggs and their toys. I couldn’t bear that carnage. Kinder Eggs are one of the few things that bring me joy, as you could probably gather from my letter.

Farley Kitt

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