That joke was not funny

It’s difficult not to encounter pornography when surfing the web.

But up until last week, our student government was making accessing porn that much easier.

As part of’s refurbishing, the Communications Office offered links to various humour web pages. These links included Ray Owens’ Joke A Day, a site that featured photos of a half-naked “babe a day” and a speedo-wearing “hunk a day.” While the AMS office deserves criticism for the inappropriate link, it should only be up to a point.

In their defense, it seems to have been an oversight. AMS president Scott Courtice told the Kingston Whig-Standard he wasn’t aware of the link and didn’t think the site was being visited because it was under construction.

But the newspaper caught Courtice and his staff with their pants down and the racy material in hand, and so they quickly erased the inappropriate link.

Still, some stains remain on the sheets.

No matter how you look at it, a web link is an endorsement. By posting the tasteless material of Mr. Owens—whoever he is—the AMS gave the site their symbolic stamp of approval.

What is most bothersome about this ordeal however, is the apparent priorities of the Communications Office. Instead of using the summer to post useful information, such as the hours for the Common Ground or the latest job openings, they decided humour—insipid humour—was their biggest concern.

Even more disconcerting is the newest link on the site, which directs you to the original Whig-Standard story with the caption, “The AMS has been whigged.” It appears they don’t feel the slightest bit sheepish about their blunder.

Laugh at yourself on your own time, but don’t make light of your slip-up by broadcasting it to anyone with a keyboard.

Their mistake, though an honest one, was quite serious. Unless it’s viewed that way, it will be a long time before a web policy is established to prevent this from happening again. may end up being the joke of the summer, but the AMS shouldn’t enjoy playing the butt.

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