Plaskett, our true patriot love

Joel Plaskett Emergency @ The Grad Club

Joel Plaskett was back at the Grad Club singing his redemption song to those who didn’t get the full effect of his Emergency’s show back in November. Despite being ill at last fall’s gig, Joel still rocked the house. Once again, Plaskett delivered his usual country-tinged rock ‘n’ roll to a sold-out crowd that packed the Grad Club.

It’s a good thing Joel is a very tall fellow because it made him conveniently visible from anywhere in the room—thanks for the consideration, Joel. It’s almost as though he was born to be an indie-rocker; endowed with the gift to be seen and heard from any part of the small venue. Being on a big stage would simply be superfluous to Joel’s stature.

Despite his conspicuousness, people came from far and wide just to see the Emergency. Some of the people I talked to were coming in from Toronto, New York and Montreal. The audience responded enthusiastically to every one of the band’s tunes—some with excited recognition and others to the sheer ‘rockability’ of each song. A lot of Plaskett’s songs are so comfortably familiar, which comes from his strong devotion to the teachings of the classic rock gods. Such influences became evident during a medley of classic numbers, including songs by the Steve Miller band, Gordon Lighfoot’s “Sundown” and tying it all together with some Grateful Dead.

I must not forget to mention the more comical selections he threw into the mix, including a meek version of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” and a very un-R&B rendering of the R. Kelly song “Ignition.” After making sure everyone was standing, Plaskett performed a rousing rendition of “O Canada,” predictably followed by his tune “True Patriot Love”—which also not-so-coincidently commences with an “O.” This was followed by “Extraordinary,” a killer number further displaying the band’s love for that classic rock and roll sound—featuring some extraordinary behind-the-head guitar playing. The crowd was really lovin’ Plaskett, and it was easy to see why. Not only were the dames swooning over Plaskett’s indie good looks, but there was more to the man than just his face.

Throughout the show he was humouring the audience’s requests, with responses like, “oh yeah, that’s a good one, we’ll get to that for sure” and during the encore when someone called for “Violent Dreams,” a tune from Plaskett’s previous band, Thrush Hermit, he playfully responded “That’d be a little hard on acoustic eh?!” But he then gave it a valiant attempt anyway. That’s what’s great about Plaskett, he wants to give something to the fans who have been with him since his earlier days. This night was a particular treat to Thrush Hermit fans, because Plaskett was backed by fellow Hermit, Ian McGettigan, instead of his usual Emergency bassist, Tim Brennan.

Finally, to stomp-out the night, Plaskett pealed out “Come on, Teacher,” followed by the Thrush Hermit classic, “From the Back of the Film.” These two songs that everyone was waiting for invigorated the crowd with one last burst of energy they had all been reserving just for these songs. It brought a satisfying close to a phenomenal show.


a short n' snug peek into recent entertainment news

By Tricial Summers, Assistant A&E Editor

•It is suspected that actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have already tied the knot, according to America’s In Touch magazine. Moore is a devoted student of the Kabbalah, a mystic form of Judaism, and rumour has it that she and Kutcher were wed in an hour-long ceremony last month. Moore’s spokesman denies that any marriage ceremony has taken place.

•Provided that he secures the role of director for the next James Bond installment, Quentin Tarantino is intent upon casting Uma Thurman in the film’s “Bond girl” role. Thurman, star of Tarantino’s films Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, as well as Pulp Fiction is often referred to as Tarantino’s muse. If he is tapped to direct the next Bond film, Tarentino says he intends to keep Pierce Brosnan in the role of 007.

•Courtney Love’s legal team is attempting to strike a deal with prosecutors in regards to her recent set of drug charges. Under the proposed deal, charges against Love would be dropped if she successfully completes a drug treatment program. If not, according to the deal, Love would have to spend 90 days in jail. According to the L.A. City Attorney’s office, Love tested positive for several drugs, including cocaine, at the time of her arrest last October in Los Angeles. Love has admitted using the prescription pain killer Oxycontin, and faces separate charges on possession of prescription pain killers in a separate case in Beverly Hills.

•Axl Rose is being sued by his former ex-Guns n’ Roses bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan for not consulting them before refusing lucrative offers from movie studio to use the band’s songs in several films. Rose, who does not have controlling interest in the material, reportedly turned down offers to use GNR songs in the movies We Were Soldiers, Death to Smoochy, Old School and Just Married. Slash and McKagan are seeking $1 million in compensation from Axl in return.

•Two pairs of Michael Jackson’s underpants have been seized by police to determine whether stains discovered on the pop star’s mattress came from him or from boys that he has shared the bed with. Jackson was charged with ten counts of child sex offences on April 30.

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