Letters to the Editors

Conservative critique lacks research

Dear Editors,

Re: “Conservative outcry is hypocritical” (Journal, Sept. 10, 2004)

I may not have a Ph.D, but I recognize academic inanity and plain stupidity when I see it. In his letter to the editor, if one can call dozens of words spewed randomly on a paper a letter, Tim Birt suggests that I am being hypocritical because as far as he knows no conservative group has been charged under the elections gag law.

Well, Tim’s knowledge must not extend beyond his nose because if it did he would have known that the National Citizens Coalition was charged for breaking the gag laws recently. Of course, had Tim Birt read either of Canada’s national newspapers he would have known this, but why would he need to read? He has a Ph.D after all.

This serves as a perfect lesson for this year’s incoming class: if you have a professor like Tim Birt, it might help to double check the “facts” you “learn” in class and do some research on your own. Thank you, Professor Birt for teaching us that very important lesson.

Kasra Nejatian
President, Ontario Campus Conservatives

Resident requests unrealistic

Dear Editors,

Re: “University Avenue could reflect forward thinking” (Journal, Sept. 10, 2004)

Although I believe that Queen’s students should be responsible members of the Kingston community, I disagree with the letter to the editor submitted by Busse and Mautner. If the City of Kingston does not find the need to create a “publicly accessible, people-friendly environment” for Kingston residents, the University is not responsible for using its own funds to do so.

The construction of play areas for adults and activity centres for children does not provide a valuable service to the majority of students, and an influx of Kingston residents on university property may in fact interrupt day to day activities. I don’t wish to dismiss the needs of Kingston residents or to further spread the idea that university students do not care about them, but the University is not a park. I don’t understand why University Avenue needs a “facelift” in the first place. It seems wasteful to spend money on University Avenue when I and other students cannot access courses because there is no space. The University should instead divert money into student services, faculty and staff support and scholarships and bursaries. This would impact students to a much greater extent than having new pavement to walk on.

Danielle Pace
ArtSci ’07

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