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Styrofoam trashed at Guelph

Styrofoam food packaging is no longer used at campus eateries at the University of Guelph, after an environmentalist group’s push for its removal.

The University of Guelph’s Students for Environmental Change (GSEC) achieved “a long sought-after goal” when they announced their achievement, which will gradually remove Styrofoam packaging from use in the University Centre and LA Pits, a cafeteria, at the university.

Jme Allen, an organizer of GSEC’s campaign, said the organization worked on the issue for four years, but ran into problems.

“I think our last presentation on health effects to Hospitality Services really got the attention of the decision makers,” Allen said.

Also, students who use reusable dishes will receive a discount.

—With files from the Ontarian

Father and son share dorm room at Simon Fraser

A first-year student at Simon Fraser University isn’t living with your typical residence roommate. Yifan Huang is living with his father.

The 16-year-old mathematics whiz received scholarships from many universities, including the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria.

Huang picked SFU because it was the only university that would allow his father to live with him in residence.

“Yifan is still a boy who needs to be in my care,” said Huang’s father, Quentin. “We are indebted to SFU for providing this opportunity.” Huang and his father immigrated to Canada after living in China, Singapore and Sweden.

Huang has received many math awards from around the world and he finished three-years of junior high in one year.

“I knew there was something special in him,” said his father.

Being much younger then his classmates doesn’t phase Huang.

“I’m ready,” he said. “I think it’ll be all right.”

The father and son hope to gain Canadian citizenship in the near future.

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Mcgill campus bar suffers attendance woes

Gert’s, McGill’s campus bar, is suffering a similar affliction to Alfie’s. It is typically only a place to hang out on Thursday nights.

The campus owned and operated pub is exploring ways to attract more students.

“Gert’s is a student area,” said Anthony Di Carlo, McGill student society vice-president of operations. “We know that there are bars out in the city with different atmospheres, but this is your bar—you can make it what you want.”

Gert’s sells only Molson beer, which may be one reason why students go elsewhere, but bar manager Vincent Thomas said low prices and a safe environment are what distinguish Gert’s from other Montreal bars.

“We can offer a much safer environment for students to have fun,” he said. “Nobody will take advantage of you here, and security won’t beat you up.”

Ideas for attracting more customers on nights other than Thursdays include holding theme nights, selling bubble tea, and showcasing Monday Night Football on the bar’s big screens.

—With files from the McGill Tribune

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