Cross-Country Campus Briefs

Democrats hit Canadian campuses

An international organization funded by the U.S. Democratic National Committee is trying to get as many American students in Canada as possible to register for an absentee vote before their state deadlines.

Democrats Abroad is comprised of expatriate Americans who want Americans in foreign countries to vote in favour of the Democratic Party.

“We’re targeting students because they make up a significant portion of thoughtful voters who we believe will vote Democratic,” Joe Green, chair of Democrats Abroad Canada, the party’s Canadian wing told the McMaster Silhouette.

“We’re also targeting them because we think that it’s part of a great exercise to get young people involved in a political process.” State deadlines to register votes vary, ranging from Oct. 1 to Nov. 2.

Since the 2000 Presidential election went down to the wire, the organization wants as many eligible voters as possible to cast a ballot.

This includes American-born students, as well as Canadians who hold dual citizenship who have never lived in the U.S.

Thus they have added several chapters of their organization in universities across Canada.

Chapters at McMaster University and the University of Toronto are the latest to sprout up on Canadian campuses.

—With files from
the McMaster Silhouette and the UofT Varsity

SIN numbers go missing at Rye

The Student Financial Assistance Office at Ryerson University misplaced a list of student names, contact information and Social Insurance Numbers on Sept. 8.

The mishap left approximately 250 students—who filled out their information because they needed to collect their provincial scholarships—at risk of identity theft.

“The possibility of anybody doing anything with the information is scary,” said Kar Wai Ng, a second year student whose information was misplaced.

If a scam artist gets access to a person’s SIN, he or she can complete transactions involving employers, credit agencies and banks using the person’s name.

Ryerson security is investigating the issue, but the financial office denies the list was stolen.

—With files from the Ryerson Eyeopener

Protest over T-Shirts

Anger over a controversial T-shirt line sold in a downtown St. Catharines store culminated in protests on Sept. 17 and 20.

“Women’s safety is being sold for $20 a pop,” said Julia Goforth, a protestor. “That concerns me as a survivor of domestic violence.” The T-shirt in question has a drawing of a bloody hammer accompanied by the caption, ‘She was asking for it.’ The women’s version of the T-shirt has a drawing of bloody, splayed scissors accompanied by the caption ‘He had it coming.’

But Kristin Falle, the store-owner where the T-shirts are sold, said it is ironic that her store is a target of such protest, since her store is staffed entirely by women.

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