Dear Coffee & Co.

Dear Coffee and Co. on the corner of Division and Johnson,

Yesterday it was pointed out to me that you and Stooley’s are gaining a new neighbour on the corner of Division and Johnson. While I really shouldn’t judge any company that decides to move in and market itself to the many students of the area, I’m still slightly upset by this. For those who haven’t heard, the multinational super-company Starbucks is moving in across the street from both Coffee and Co. and Stooley’s. Since this is a company that’s giving students a new option for their coffee in the morning, afternoon, and night, I feel that being really upset isn’t called for. However, to let Starbucks simply appear without anyone saying anything would be rather unfortunate.

I’m aware that Starbucks is an extremely popular place to hang out. That’s obvious just by walking by the one that moved in downtown last year. It was vandalized but continues to be a thriving business. I am also aware that many people enjoy Starbucks coffee and other exciting caffeinated drinks, but I am not one of them. And no, it isn’t because Starbucks seems to appear on every street corner in many cities of the world or because they moved in next to the Sleepless Goat downtown—it’s simply because I do not like their coffee, much like I don’t like the coffee of Dunkin’ Donuts. Although it pains me to say it, I am sure for the many students who do enjoy it, this will be a welcome addition to the Ghetto area.

But this editorial is not supposed to bash Starbucks for being who they are, but rather to praise you, Coffee and Co., for always being there and making your fine brew. While it is true you only have four different coffees brewing at any given time, I often find myself impressed with both your constantly changing flavoured coffee (Highlander Cream being my favourite by far) and your simple light roasts that don’t feel like shots of adrenaline every time I take a sip. You open early enough for any student making an 8:30 class, and you close your doors late enough for anyone to grab a late-night coffee fix. Your music is light and unobtrusive for anyone choosing to read a book or furiously study. And, there always seem to be both permanent residents of Kingston and students lining up and sitting down in your chairs—something that is extremely rare, it seems, in the Ghetto. While most coffee shops have this similar atmosphere, it is good to see one so close to the heart of the Ghetto—and especially near the ever-so-infamous Aberdeen Street—where students and residents seem to live in a state of harmony. So Coffee and Co. on the corner of Division and Johnson, thank you for being there and making your fantastic coffee, and know whichever mega coffee corporation that decides to move in across the street from you, you will always have at least one customer lining up at your door.

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