TAPS head manager serves suspension

The AMS Pub Services (TAPS) Head Manager Ian Anderson was suspended from his duties for a week earlier this month, after accumulating multiple internal disciplinary warnings for what he said were “problems of a personal nature.”

“I take full responsibility and I apologize,” Anderson told the Journal. “[I apologize] just for needing to get on top of things better, get on top of my game.”

Anderson’s suspension occurred from Oct. 1 to 8. TAPS is the combined service of QP and Alfie’s, which merged in 2004.

Jenn Hirano, AMS VP (operations), said the suspension occurred automatically—-as per AMS internal disciplinary policy—after at least one verbal warning and an undisclosed number of written warnings were issued to Anderson. She added that the written warnings were signed by both Anderson and his direct supervisor, Julie Hirst, AMS food and entertainment director, before being placed in his employee file.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I can say any of the reasons he’s gotten written warnings,” Hirano said. “We’re not supposed to comment on matters of internal discipline to protect the confidentiality between the employee and employer.”

Hirano acknowledged there were problems.

“Usually for written warnings they’re different smaller problems, and based on the number of them … they add up to something more serious and then you need to take the following steps to discipline somebody,” she said. “[In Anderson’s case, it was the] culmination of smaller problems that taken together [meant we] had to follow the AMS disciplinary procedures.

“I think this was the responsible thing to do.”

According to AMS discipline policy, the standard of conduct expected from services staff and management is full adherence to the terms of employment. A breach of the outlined rules and expectations allows the progressive disciplinary measures to be initiated, in this case by Hirst.

Hirano added there is some discretion in terms of the number of written warnings to be accumulated prior to suspension.

Hirst was unavailable for comment.

Anderson didn’t give any specific details about the issues that led to his suspension.

“[It was] simply a matter of it being a lot to handle for a student—I had a lot of courses and a lot of things going on outside of the classroom,” he said.

He added that he went through a steep learning curve after becoming TAPS head manager.

“I really needed to get myself organized to perform at the level I wanted to be performing at,” he said. “However, I feel the suspension was almost a blessing in disguise—it’s given me a fresh outlook.”

Hirano said she felt positive about the way the disciplinary procedure was applied.

“I think it will be a great chance [for Anderson] to start again,” she said. “I like that we apply the [disciplinary process] consistently across the board for all the [AMS] services.”

Anderson said his problems are not reflective of TAPS.

“It has nothing to do with anyone other than me, especially not the people who work there—not the other managers, not the staff,” he said.

“I realize I am a representative of the AMS and student government, but I have the best interests of TAPS and especially our patrons at heart at all times.”

Anderson is also a student senator and the ASUS VP of the graduating 2006 year.

Hirano said that financially, TAPS is doing well.

“At the end of the period ending Aug. 31 2005, TAPS was $26,694 ahead compared to the same period in fiscal 2004,” she said.

TAPS, as well as the QP and Alfie’s when they were run as separate AMS services, have faced other personnel problems in the recent past. During a recent TAPS staff year-end party incidents of patron disrespect towards staff and alcohol theft led to the AMS’ decision to voluntarily close the service between April 12 and May 2, 2005 to avoid jeopardizing their liquor license.

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