Midterm period pet peeves

Phenomena that irritate, frustrate and annoy

Barista, when will you come back to life?
Barista, when will you come back to life?

Nothing is more irksome to a stressed-out student than the packs of similarly stressed-out students occupying the only two locations on campus where students actually hang out—JDUC and Stauffer. In the spirit of blowing off steam, we at Postscript have decided to discuss the little details in life that sometimes rub us the wrong way a, especially in bleak and busy times like these.

1. Yoga pants takeover

A puzzling phenomenon. First of all, spending $300 on a pair of sweats just seems odd. And second of all, they are not dress pants. Wear them to the gym, wear them in the house, but don’t flash your Lululemoned ass all over campus.

2. Passive aggression Passive aggressors come in different forms—but underneath it all, they share a barely concealed form of repressed aggression. Some examples include: a bitchy note from a housemate, accompanied by “please” and a smiley face, or undercutting compliments (“wow, that weight you gained has really helped your cleavage,”) and the silent treatment (“What? I’m not mad at you … I just haven’t felt like talking lately.”) Passive aggression becomes more conspicuous (and aggravating) as the offender becomes more and more catty and the recipient more easily provoked by too many deadlines.


3. The ever-elusive barista at the Common Ground

Broken, dead, on hiatus—the general consensus is that it is never working when it’s supposed to. To deny us our delicious white mochas and lattes, especially during midterms, is cruelty beyond measure. Oh, barista, come back—we miss you so.

4. Out-of-this-world pickup lines

“Excuse me, are you Greek? Because all goddesses are Greek.” Oh, give me a break. You probably couldn’t even name a Greek goddess if we asked. Even the tried-and-true “Do I know you from somewhere?” comes off with 10 sleaze points.

5. The lack of toilet paper in ladies’ bathrooms at Stauffer

It’s midnight, you’ve been studying for God-knows-how-long, and you just got up for a quick washroom break. Little do you know, you will soon be running around all four floors of Stauffer, desperately seeking a toilet stocked with the ever-important TP. Where does it all go?  6. Construction

This is an easy one. The ends don’t justify the means—especially when it happens outside your window at seven in the morning. The banging, the crashing, the grinding of gears—we slowly die on the inside, too, as the old pipes come crashing down in the house next door.

7. The uber-selective garbage pickup

Untied cardboard, juice containers, and “unofficial” blue boxes need not apply. Who knew recycling could be so superficial and complicated? Kingston recycling has high standards, just like America’s Next Top Model.

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