AMS executive & rector statements

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AMS Executive Team statements

Team HML

We’re Team Homuth-MacGregor-Lutes - Team HML - and we’re running to be your AMS executive. This past year we have seen many complications arise between students, the Kingston community, and the university administration. After seeing some of the unfortunate events of the past year, we’ve become more determined than ever to ensure that Queen’s students have a strong voice when dealing with the city and the university administration. That’s why we’re running to Fight Back.

We’re running for AMS Executive because we have a vision for how student government at Queen’s should work to represent students. We have created a comprehensive platform that is available on our website - - that outlines our key ideas in addition to our stance on a wide-range of issues affecting students.

One of our most pressing concerns is student safety. Many students live in sub-standard housing and fear that their houses in the Ghetto will be ransacked while they’re away on holidays. We have strategies to address these issues and many more around safety, including a plan for Homecoming that will bring the tradition back to campus and make it safer for all.

We also have a vision for the services that the AMS provides, including the creation of a new online marketplace called Q-Bay. Team HML also wants to ensure that the quality of service you receive when you visit the Common Ground, QP or P&CC is the absolute best that the AMS can offer.

On February 7th, and 8th, we hope that you cast your ballot for a team that has a vision for the AMS beyond clever promises and gimmicks. We also hope that you will visit our website and see what our platform has to offer all students.

Fight Back. Vote for Team HML.

Dave Homuth, Mark MacGregor, Naomi Lutes

Team HPR

Queen’s University is about potential. Team HPR believes that at the heart of the Queen’s community is our passion for improvement. The AMS needs to reflect this belief. We need to make student life accessible to everyone. We will hold student leaders accountable, this includes ourselves. We understand that academics is central to the student life and will work with faculty and students to improve our institution. We need an AMS that taps into this potential.

Recognizing potential means making the AMS truly accountable and transparent. HPR will remove the loopholes that allow student fee increases to be brought to General Assembly and not to you the student, because it’s your money.

Recognizing potential means making the most of our academics. We will create a course calendar written by students for students to supplement the Queen’s course calendar so we can make informed academic choices. Recognizing potential is seeing the complexity of student life and the need to simplify this. In order to do this HPR will create an accessible and straightforward student life guide by committing to the creation of a permanent IT position to ensure continual improvement. Moreover, this will allow all students the ability to find out what is happening in our world, on-line and around campus. This is the potential of the Queen’s Community

Recognizing potential starts by recognizing our own potential. HPR will restructure AMS salaries, reducing salaries by 20% and creating performance based bonuses, which will ensure accountability and the highest standard for Queen’s students.

We see the potential in Queen’s to become an institution that truly “Engages the World.” We’re passionate about positive change.

Bill, Diane and Jen

Team MBT

Every year AMS Executive Candidates promise you big dreams that never come true. Blue lights in the ghetto, Flex dollars at the Common Ground, and new equipment for the PEC are all promises that students have voted for in the past only to be disappointed in a year’s time. As an innovative team, we introduce a timeline of progress and when to expect it. We offer you our MBT Action Plan: 12 Months, 12 Promises, No Excuses. A committee comprised of the Journal’s Editors-in-Chief, one member per faculty society, one member of the board of directors, and two students at-large selected as chairs at our first assembly, will be put into place to publish quarterly reviews of how well we have kept our promises. We have 12 months and we are going to use every one of them to ensure we are delivering on our promises. On top of that, Team MBT is committed to reaching out to students who have been ignored by AMS Executives of the past. We recognize that a council of a dozen committed individuals can achieve a lot, but including the thousands of students on campus is the only way we can run this student government. We want you to feel inspired and be the ones who will suggest the next big improvement that will change the AMS for the better. Too often are major issues handled behind closed doors by a select few who are not in tune with the opinions of their members. We want to hear you and offer opportunities for leadership by integrating your ideas. We want you to tell us what you need. On February 7th and 8th, vote MBT and give us 12 months to ‘Make It Happen!’

Thank you to all of our volunteers,

James, Ian, Meghan

Team SHT

Greetings Cohorts! We really like Queen’s University. We think that the university and its students have amazing potential. This talent is what Team SHT is all about. SHT stands for STUDENTS HAVE TALENT: students have many talents that we would like to highlight as the new AMS Executive. Academic talent should be fostered with excellent professors. We would like to ensure that USAT and individual departmental evaluations be used to determine not only who is learning well, but who is teaching well. Highlighting the talents of exceptional professors will encourage a better quality of education. In addition to excellent professors, international student accessibility is paramount to our quest to make Queen’s an internationally renowned university. It is with these lofty goals that we hope to be the student voice here at Queen’s. Social contribution and the role of volunteers in our community will be highlighted as we will work with the city to ensure that students and members of our community are safe and happy. We would like to take a moderate approach to town-gown relationships, making sure that students are appreciated for their talents and contribution to Queen’s and Kingston. SHT will provide the services that students need and want – we will use your money for your benefit. We would like to establish clear communication channels between everyone. That’s right: everyone. Furthermore, we would like to ensure that all AMS services will run as a well-oiled machine so your money can be budgeted for the betterment of the student community at large. TAPS operations will be analyzed to determine short and long-term goals. Our focus will be to ensure a positive environment for all on-campus pubs. They are after all the best places to be.

Students Have Talent - Show us yours and we’ll show you ours.

Rector statements

Johsa Manzanilla

I’m Johsa Manzanilla, I am a third year student and I am running to be Rector. The Rector’s job has two important functions: to advocate and to represent all students at Queen’s. I am writing to talk to you about myself, my skills and student issues that matter most. Right now, there is no question that tuition is an issue on students’ minds. The Ontario Government has restarted the tuition debate and the University’s reputation is going to depend on its ability to provide an accessible education. We need to find out what is really driving tuition increases. From my conversations with our current Rector, Grant Bishop, I know that the Rector’s Office is leading the way on this issue. We need to continue this work. The issue of Homecoming is particularly relevant to Queen’s students. As a student representative, the Rector influences the outcome of the Homecoming debate. Recently, we learned that 22 criminal charges were laid in connection to Homecoming –0 Queen’s students charged. Queen’s students deserve someone who understands that we have respect for this community and for this University’s real traditions.

As someone who has been involved in a variety of cultural and human rights groups, I know what kind of diversity exists at Queen’s. Rather than focusing on what this University supposedly lacks, I want to celebrate what’s here and improve its perception. I also want to develop Queen’s-oriented solutions to build on creating greater diversity and make it even better. I understand the issues of today, and my experiences at Queen’s give me a positive vision of what we can be tomorrow. On February 7th and 8th, pick a candidate that has the background and experience to be your representative and advocate. Support me, Johsa Manzanilla, and let’s bring some positive change to Queen’s.

Arun Parkash

In this time of increased need for student leadership and initiative to really push for the issues that matter the most, I will be there to share your experiences. We need someone who will truly believe in what you believe and fight for those causes. The choice we face as students will have more impact on us and our University than can be imagined. My vision as the rector is to be your voice and truly represent your views in the upper echelon of the University administration.

If elected to rectorship, I would like your help and support to achieve my vision. My vision is to raise the profile of the office of the rector. I want the rector to be a resource with active student participation. I want to create awareness about the rector’s role and how it affects students and what inputs the rector needs from the students. Apart from appointed meetings with students, I want to have open monthly meetings with students to keep them informed about my work and efforts.

Given that the tuition freeze is coming to an end, I want to make it a priority for myself if elected to rectorship to actively engage the student leadership and the students on this issue and lobby it consistently at the University administration level. I believe in increasing the accessibility of university education while not compromising the quality of education received. I want to bridge the gap between the University administration and my constituents.

I will approach the position of rector with seriousness that matches the challenges before me. I have profound optimism about our future, I believe that the students at Queen’s

University truly deserve the best. We know that the stakes are immeasurably high and I hope you will make the right choice.

Ken Saddington

The institution that is Queen’s stands at a crossroads; in the wake of the Rae Report on post-secondary education and amidst the Principal’s visioning process for the University, we are charged with shaping the dynamic landscape of Queen’s for the future. The office of the Rector is a unique and powerful voice that links all facets of the Queen’s community. The Rector must serve as a leader in advocacy for the progression of our educational experience in the broader learning environment.

Through engagement and open discourse I will form a student’s vision for Queen’s that ensures not only a formal education of the highest calibre but also protects the interests of students and the importance of the involved student culture. Accessibility is vital part of this vision; I will stand up to ensure that the Queen’s experience is within the grasp of anyone with the desire and dedication to pursue excellence by advocating against deregulation.

Also crucial to this vision is the preservation of peer administered justice, a critical component of Queen’s as a student led community. International students must also have a voice and be recognized as the wealth of culture they bring to Queen’s is invaluable and we must redefine our commitment to International students ensuring that they have a voice and become an active vibrant part of our community. Finally, this vision has to incorporate graduate students; we must embrace the reality that graduate enrollment is going to make up a higher portion of the Queen’s community and look to graduate students as leaders and mentors.

This community has inspired and challenged me. In return, I offer a vow to stand up with all of my passion and resolve so that the community of Queen’s can continue to bring out excellence in those who seek it.

Tom Woodhall

I believe in Queen’s, and I believe in the community that is Queen’s. A student’s education is not limited to what is learned in a classroom - it is the sum of a student’s experiences. A Queen’s education is unique because of the quality of its programs and the strength of its students. I want to be Rector to make sure a Queen’s education meets its students’ expectations.

A Queen’s education needs to remain accessible. Before the Board of Trustees decides to increase tuition, students must be consulted.

A Queen’s education needs to be unrivalled in quality. As a dual degree student in Geography and Engineering, I am uniquely equipped to understand the balance between quality and accessibility.

A Queen’s education needs to be more then what is learned in the classroom. As Rector I will work to ensure the new Dean of Student Affairs understands the importance of student initiatives and activities.

A Queen’s education needs to include shared experiences. Residence can be an incredible experience, but dissatisfied students currently have little say in its management. International students require a greater voice and have unique issues that administrators need hear.

A Queen’s education needs to promote interaction between students. Increased cooperation between graduate and undergraduate students is needed so that the student voice may be loud and clear. Understanding the experiences of both groups of students is paramount to creating better relationships between undergrads and their TAs, between the AMS and the SGPS, between students and the administration.

A Queen’s education needs to be about students. Principal Hitchcock needs to consult all students during her visioning process. What Queen’s becomes will impact our lives indelibly, and the lives of students to come.

I believe in Queen’s, and I ask that you believe in me for Rector.

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