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Two SHRC directors show the Journal a sampling of their sex toy products

The Fleshlight, a male masturbatory sleeve, feels like real skin.
The Fleshlight, a male masturbatory sleeve, feels like real skin.
The SHRC started selling sex toys in 2000, and expanded their selection in 2005 due to popular demand.
The SHRC started selling sex toys in 2000, and expanded their selection in 2005 due to popular demand.

When it comes to sex toys, look no further than the upper floors of the JDUC. In the cozy space of the Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC), a friendly sexpert can go through the many options available for anyone.

SHRC Director Alan McGreevey said the SHRC began selling sex toys in 2000 as a form of fundraising. But after the toys flew off the shelves, the products became a permanent part of the centre’s stock, with a recent expansion in products in the summer of 2005.

All of the items are sold at cost.

“When at all possible, we stock items that are made in Canada,” McGreevey said, adding that the SHRC tries to sell as many “non-exploited sex toys” as possible.

With a great selection of products that includes a line from former adult movie star-turned-adult filmmaker Candida Royalle’s “ergonomically designed” toys, which are slick and modern, the SHRC’s line of sex toys boasts impressive diversity.

Here are a few samples:

The Wascally Wabbit: One frisky animal—$25

A famous replica of the Rabbit vibrator that almost confined the otherwise-prudish Charlotte—of Sex and the City fame—to her bedroom, this vibrator continues to be a steady seller at the SHRC.

Because the Wabbit is produced in China, where manufacturing sex toys are illegal, it is thinly disguised and marketed as a “doll”—a girl leading a small rabbit behind her.

Its double-vibrating, rotating head is meant to give simultaneous stimulation. The head aims for the G-spot and the pearls halfway down also vibrate separately, hitting the vaginal entrance while the vibrating tail end—or, the “rabbit”—can arouse the clitoris or the anus at the same time.

Vibrating is adjustable on both sides, and can be controlled separately.

The Magic Bullet: Orgasm under $5, yes please!—$4

Aside from being the cheapest vibrator, the Bullet is also the strongest and the most popular vibrator sold at the SHRC.

Resembling a small silver bullet about the size of your thumb, this part-plastic vibrator can be used for both external and vaginal stimulation. Because of its small shape, it’s not recommended for anal use. The vibration levels are adjustable.

The only drawback to this wonderfully portable device is the rather conspicuous noise level. However, this can be modified with the “Magic Ring,” a penis ring made of stretchy rubber material.

SHRC Assistant Director Jenna Rose said that although the ring is “a little too stretchy as a cock ring,” it can be used over the bullet—or any hard-surfaced vibrators made of plastic—to lessen the vibration and create a softer contact feel.

The Feel-Doe: The inclusive sex toy—$60

This imposing apparatus is “one of the most scandalous toys” owned by the SHRC, Rose said. The largest of the SHRC’s sex toys, the Feel-Doe consists of one part butt plug, one part phallus and all-parts vibration.

The textured ridges visible in the connecting parts between the two are great for clitoral stimulation. This toy is meant to be shared between partners—while one pleasures him or herself anally, the other side is used for vaginal penetration.

Not only is the Feel-Doe different in its twosome nature, but it is also unique in its gender-bending ways: each partner can take turns straddling one another or being on the receiving end.

Furthermore, the vibrating bullet is very quiet, and its silicone exterior makes it possible to be sterilized completely by boiling it in water for three minutes after each use.

Fleshlight: The male masturbatory sleeve—$50

At first glance, this just looks like an unusually large flashlight—possibly for giants. But once the cap is open, what’s revealed is not your regular light bulb, but something a little more personal.

Made with cyberskin, the inside of the Fleshlight is internally textured to create a realistic feel—in both butt and vagina styles. The amount of suction can be adjusted for maximum comfort, and cleaning is made simple by opening the bottom cap and letting water run through the device.

The Magic Banana: Your ultimate kegel flexer—$30

Locally designed by a Kingston woman, this kegel muscle exerciser is shaped like a mini lasso. The toy is made of a shiny vinyl exterior that surrounds a yellow rope on the inside.

Kegel muscles are vital in keeping the vaginal walls tight, helping women achieve a better orgasm.

The curved loop enters the vagina, enabling the user to “flex” the kegel muscles to feel the effects. But a surprise bonus to this vaginal exerciser is the curved loop’s ability to stimulate the G-spot, which could increase the enjoyment and strengthen the muscles responsible for better orgasms at the same time.

Because of the loop’s unique shape, there is also no worry of the Banana falling out during a session.

When choosing a sex toy, the experts say, you should consider the following: noise level, material choice and size. When it comes to anal play, always choose a toy with a flare base—like the Feel-Doe—and a decent amount of flexibility.

“It’s all about using your imagination,” Rose said.

She said she’s been amazed by the stories she’s heard of the toys’ creative uses.

Rose also emphasized that having an open mind about sex toys could greatly enhance the owner’s sexuality.

McGreevey agreed.

“A lot of people are more comfortable exploring their sexuality alone,” he said.

“[With a sex toy, people] have that option of exploring it [for] themselves,” McGreevey said.

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