Spice up your spring: accessorize!

Well-selected baubles, bangles and beads beautify this season’s looks

Legendary actress and style icon Audrey Hepburn’s oversized sunglasses have made a comeback.
Legendary actress and style icon Audrey Hepburn’s oversized sunglasses have made a comeback.
Photo courtesy of imdb.com

Fashion Friday

Accessories are forever changing, evolving and reinventing themselves. One week something is “so hot” and before you can say, “Check out my new ———-,” you’re out buying the next trendy item to complete your look.

This spring, there are three major accessory trends to keep an eye out for. To look stylish, you’ll need big sunglasses, long necklaces and an unlimited supply of belts.

Since making a huge comeback a few years ago, mega-sized sunglasses look like they’re here to stay. This spring, the key factor to remember when it comes to sunglasses: bigger is better. Whether you want a classic look with all black, or feel like going retro with white, you can opt for square, round or aviator frames—or go for frameless lenses altogether, depending on the shape of your face, hairstyle or personal preference.

If you’re worried about coordinating your glasses with your get-up, stick to a simple look. Black and brown lenses go with virtually everything and look extra sharp with a tan. Don’t shy away from bright colours though. They, too, can look fabulous with bronzed skin and give your look added character.

Sunglasses are my personal favourite accessory because they can vary from six to six hundred dollars. No matter what your budget, they’re always affordable. Plus, you can look über trendy while protecting your peepers!

The second big accessory trend for spring 2006 is a repeat of last year’s long necklaces. Last spring, the trend was to layer your beads and wrap your neck with everything you owned. This year, less is more. The great thing about a single strand is that you’ll get to show off each one of those necklaces you layered yourself with last year.

This season is more about finding one beautiful piece and showcasing it, while avoiding clutter. The same thing goes for bracelets. A single bangle will look far more elegant than an armful of chunky jewelry.

Last but most certainly not least, the hippest accessory this spring is a belt. After what seems like a long hiatus, belts are back. Big buckles or small buckles, wide strap or thin strap, anything goes.

Belts give you the option of adding a punch of colour to a plain pair of jeans or showing off your curves in a simple dress. A belt can dress up your look or dress it down. Look for the style that flatters your figure best and start showing your waistline!

Accessories can change the entire look of your ensemble by adding personality to an otherwise ordinary outfit. They give you the chance to showcase your creative side and express your individual style. The best thing about accessories: you can’t really go wrong. So this spring, when choosing your newest adornments, it’s time to let your originality shine through.

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