There’s your first assignment

My father worked his first full-time job at the corner of Front and Sherbourne streets in Toronto, but in the 1990s a private realtor bought the land, smashed the office building to the ground and turned the site into a parking lot.

When we last drove by, my brother asked my dad how he felt watching people park their cars near the spot where his career began. My father shrugged and said it was no big deal.

I wonder if I’ll feel the same way about the old Journal House. It was disemboweled last Wednesday to make way for the $230 million Queen’s Centre, and the land beneath it will likely become the annals of a gymnasium change room. For 15 years, groups of 25 under-appreciated and over-worked students recorded the University’s history at 272 Earl St.

If you ever walked up the house’s blue steps, you would know why it was difficult to watch a construction crew smash the place into pieces with the nonchalance of a five-year-old playing with Lego.

Our new house on 190 University Ave. looks slicker than the first Journal House ever did, but that’s probably because it’s still brand new and no one has spilled anything on the couches yet.

The Journal’s online readers deserve to know we are doing everything to get our website updated and working again after it crashed during our move in July.

The Journal’s web archive is one of the only places where you can instantly find out what happened at Queen’s up to five years ago.

We do apologize and we are working to fix the problems.

At our new house, located at 190 University Ave., we will continue to work our hardest to provide you the most accurate account of this year.

We’ve brought back the supplements editor and moved the features section into the news section for more cohesion. Please see Section B for our Guide to Kingston and page 6 for a feature about Frosh Week.

This year, we’re trying to provide you with a more aesthetically-pleasing newspaper full of photos, graphics and features. Our section editors meet after every editorial board to discuss what our front page will look like, and already we have seen improvements.

If you’re interested in one of our three summer issues (copy of issues one through three), come by the house.

The issue you’re reading was supposed to be our first using Adobe InDesign, the new industry standard for lay-out. But the person who was supposed to train our staff on Wednesday bailed because of car trouble.

We should have asked Golden Words.

The Journal is nothing but 31 pages before a crossword without its readers, and too often we hear the phrase “If I had time I’d write a letter to the Journal” or “It’s easy to sit in a room and trash the student government or the University without doing anything about it.”

It’s also far easier to criticize the Journal without writing a letter and signing your name to it. We hope to receive your letters to the editor or hear from you when you come to our new office.

Better still, introduce yourself to our editors and volunteer to work with us.

There’s your first assignment.

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