Letters to the Editors

Burning flag offensive, student says

Dear Editors:

Re: “Just watch them” (Journal, October 13, 2006).

I was very offended when I picked up the last issue of the Journal. I never thought I would see our nation’s flag being burned—especially at Queen’s, the most prestigious university in Canada.

Now I know it was for a story about Single Thread’s Henry V, and the play’s adaptation is based in 1970s Quebec. Nevertheless, there was no need to have a picture of the Canadian flag being burned on the front page, when I am sure there are various other pictures that you could have chosen.

Austin Zygmunt
ArtSci ’10

Investigation of student’s death should stop

Dear Editors:

Re: “Still no answers on student’s death” (Journal, October 10, 2006).

The content of your paper has really degenerated this year.

I'm sick of reading the same, rehashed story about Sukaina Ali, the student who died last year.

Sadly, these things happen. Why are you making it your mission to

investigate the circumstances of her death? Do you think she might have been murdered by the Queen’s administration? Or are they somehow responsible for her death because they didn't stand guard outside her room upon receiving her psychiatrist's letter?

Nothing can be done for someone who doesn't ask for help. That's the job of her parents and friends. This is a university, not kindergarten.

Her parents sent her to study at Queen’s, knowing of her condition, which seems to me mighty irresponsible but to insinuate that it was partly Queen's fault is just ignorant.

Let her family have the privacy they deserve by keeping the inane editorials and articles about her out of the Journal and stop pestering people to read the official report.

It is none of your business.

I'm not sure there is anything to be gained by filling up space and wasting paper. Get some more advertising at least. That would be much more pleasant to look at.

Demetra Psiachos
PhD candidate

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