Journal editors in chief acclaimed

Next year’s Journal Editors in Chief were acclaimed Tuesday night, and voters gave their confidence to Katherine Laidlaw and Anna Mehler Paperny, who ran as a co-editor team.

Twenty-five people voted in favour of the team, and two people voted against.

Laidlaw said the most important change they will institute next year will be re-creating the website.

“I think making sure we have a website that competes with other campus sites and surpasses the one that crashed last year [is important],” said Laidlaw, ArtSci ’07 and current features co-editor.

Laidlaw said the team definitely proved themselves during the election term.

“I think we did our homework,” she said. “We didn’t treat the acclamation like a free ride.”

Mehler Paperny said one of the biggest challenges the team faces is managing the relationship with the AMS.

“Working with the AMS in a very awkward set-up, in which they’re both our employer and the body which we hold accountable primarily, so that is a challenge and has always been a challenge.”

Laidlaw said the first challenge they’ll be facing is hiring, and she hopes that anyone with passion and curiosity applies.

“Every student who has that should just take a stab and just apply.”

Mehler Paperny echoed her co-editor, saying she hopes to see a lot more students involved next year.

“I really, really hope that we can have a lot of thought-provoking articles and editorials and opinion pieces that really, really make students think.”

Mehler Paperny said this year has been a good year in terms of going deeper and going more investigative in our coverage.

“A lot of sections where it is easy to do very passive articles have been much more investigative,” she said, adding that she hopes next year’s volume won’t have to deal with the same technical problems as this year.

Outgoing Editors in Chief Brendan Kennedy and Matthew Trevisan said they are confident in next year’s team.

“When I heard Katherine and Anna were running together as a team, that’s when I felt most comfortable with the success of next year’s volume,” Kennedy said. “In the two years that Anna has worked here I don’t think anyone has worked harder or shown more dedication to the paper, and Katherine this past year, with her co-editor, has been consistently impressive.

“Katherine’s shown a real knack for knowing a good story.”

Trevisan said a large challenge for the team will be to cater to the way people get their news.

“Their challenge is to reach out to Journal readers when people get so much of their information online.”

Kennedy said he thought the most important decision the team will make will be hiring the new staff in the next few weeks.

“There is always a huge turnover at this place and the transition of one year to the next is really important to maintain the high calibre of work.”

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