Letters to the editors

Advice for the new Clark

Re: “Clark Hall Pub celebrates re-opening” (Journal, Oct. 14, 2008)

Dear Editor,

As a former manager of Clark, it does hearten me to see that the pub has been reopened and that there is an obvious commitment by the Engineering Society ($60,000 worth by my count) to ensure it will be open for my 10th Homecoming and beyond. However, I feel I do need to correct some misperceptions about the “old” Clark and point out the lack of realism in the outlook for this year.

As a former manager, I take pride in the fact that during Clark’s last year before it was shut down the pub had 11 beers on tap, a selection of over 40 different bottles of beer and an alcohol selection as great or greater than in the “new” Clark. To say it was just a “dark watering hole” and only now is there a “decent selection of good ... drinks” is unfair.

The statement by President Black about the pub being dominated by engineers in the past is simply not true. With the exception of Ritual and the odd engineering smoker, (events for other faculties were much more common) the majority of the pub’s Patrons were not engineers. In fact, many nights saw mostly all non–engineers in the pub. Additionally the “old” Clark did have non-engineering faculty specific advertising campaigns directed at ArtSci, Commerce and Con-Ed students.

Lastly, in terms of budget, the last year that Clark was open a profit of about $7,000 was made with just under $500,000 in revenue (I wrote the cheques so I always knew how much we had) and the pub ran more than six shifts per week to earn that. So I find it hard to believe that the pub will only lose $1,000 with $205,000 in revenue running only three shifts per week, especially when their staffing costs per shift have increased by having more staff working and by paying the markup on hiring StuCons. Additionally, the management has chosen beers with lower profit margins than those sold during Clark’s last year open, which further reduces profitability. (Granted, the pub won’t have $8,000 in loan repayments to make so perhaps I’m being pessimistic.)

I wish the pub the best of luck in the future but I would suggest they take the time to learn about Clark’s true history before moving forward, both to avoid repeating mistakes and to capitalize on the many successes the pub had in the past.

Chris Hannon
EngSoc VP Society Affairs 03-04
Clark Hall Pub Manager 06-07

Editorial grossly mistaken

Dear Editors,

Re: “Grossly mistaken” (Journal, Oct. 14, 2008)

To the over-zealous Journal reporter who penned “Grossly mistaken” in Tuesday’s editorials: Smarten up!

Perhaps you should rethink your quest to rid our university of culture, tradition and fun. Calling Queen’s students “rude, self-involved, paranoid, belligerent morons” isn’t going to win you many credibility points with your peers. It’s time to find a new cause.

If you choose to be a reporter on Aberdeen Street I suggest you discard your contempt and stop prowling around for people to make an example of. Next Homecoming (it ain’t going anywhere!) take a moment and look around at the alumni, the volunteers, even the police officers; they’re all having a good time! Maybe you should put away the pen, the notebook and the t-shirt with “fun police” printed on it and lighten up.


Happily sober on Aberdeen three years and counting.

Andrew Smyth
ArtSci ’10

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