Overheard at Queen’s

“This is a beautiful photographic moment. I want to see vaginas!”
—Drunken RMC students near MyBar

“My mom is coming for a visit this weekend. I better have all the stuff to make a martini or she’ll disown me.”
—Frosh with a strong sense of filial duty

Frosh 1: “Man, I am so tired...”
Frosh 2: “Yeah, but I am so hungry...”
Frosh 1, thoughtfully: “I wish I could sleep, eat and shower at the same time.”

Four guys are engaged in a heated debate about girls. After a lengthy pause, one says:
“So basically we’re going to bone anything that moves.”

“If you shave your head, your sperm count will go way down. Trust me.”
—Hopefully not a sciences student in BioSci

Girl 1: So, you know that guy I’ve been seeing? I was with him when he got his bank
statement. … He only has $200 in the bank. And no credit card.
Girl 2: Ew.
Girl 3: Yeah. Ew.
Girl 4: Dump him.

Boy: “And then we had sex right?”
Girl: “If by “we” you mean neanderthals and homo sapiens, then yes.”

Student at the gym talking about the PEC’s showers:
“It’s interesting and beautiful.”

Concerned friend: “Ew. Man, there’s something weird and brown on your sweater.”
Even more concerned friend: “Oh my god what is it?! Chocolate or poo, chocolate or poo?!!”

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