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Team aims for face time with students

Presidential candidate Michael Ceci, vice-president (operations) candidate Leslie Yun and vice-president (university affairs) candidate Adam Zabrodski knew each other for two years before deciding to run together for AMS executive.
Presidential candidate Michael Ceci, vice-president (operations) candidate Leslie Yun and vice-president (university affairs) candidate Adam Zabrodski knew each other for two years before deciding to run together for AMS executive.

If you haven’t yet met the members of Team CYZ, you might be the only one.

“We did not want to seem unprepared, so immediately we scheduled meetings last term and have met with everyone you could think of: student leaders, people internal to the AMS, committee chairs, clubs executives and almost every administrator you could think of,” presidential candidate Michael Ceci said. “We’ve meet with the mayor, [city councillor] Bill Glover, Brian Cookman [of the Kingston Police] and we’ve started to ask our friends that aren’t involved what their thoughts are and what their input is.”

For their campaign, Team CYZ—Ceci, vice-president (operations) candidate Leslie Yun and vice-president (university affairs) candidate Adam Zabrodski plan to distinguish themselves by putting in face time with students and letting their platform speak for itself.

“We’ve done so much research and put a lot of work into our platforms. Students will see we’ve covered a wide range of issues that affect undergrads, and they’ll see there is a lot any student can take away,” Yun said. “This is also about recognizability and making sure people remember our names. We just want to do the best job in every single facet.”

Ceci, ArtSci ’09, said he, Yun and Zabrodski developed a friendly working relationship over the past two years before deciding to come together as an executive team last semester. Ceci said the three share similar visions and goals for the AMS.

“The thing that I like about Adam and Leslie is that they’re both able to have the knowledge to serve either of the VP roles,” he said. “Through their experiences, they’ve had a very diverse background with student government and are able to connect with students.”

Ceci said he’s packed his four years at Queen’s with different experiences to broaden his point of view and to be cognizant of the needs of the average student.

“My involvement started in first year as an intern for the AMS. For the last two years I’ve served as undergraduate Student Trustee, acting as a bridge between the administration and students to advocate on behalf of tuition fees and other issues of finances, as well as being part of the Queen’s Centre working group to earn about that project,” he said. “I’ve also been able to separate other parts of my life from student government. I’ve been a part of Queen’s Musical Theatre and I’m currently acting in my fifth QMT production.”

Yun, ArtSci ’10, is the AMS Communications Manager. She said her three years of experience working for the AMS have prepared her for the vice-president (operations) position.

“I started as a designer at the P&CC in first year, and I loved it and went on to become a design manager in second year. This year, I went over to the AMS as Communications Manager,” she said. “I’ve been able to see the AMS from so many different angles, and I do feel I have a comprehensive understanding and background of the AMS and its operations.”

Zabrodski, Sci ’09, is a director at the Campus Bookstore and the Engineering Society vice-president (academic), two positions he said have given him insight into how to run a corporation.

“I deal with clubs, academic issues and overall direction and strategic planning, which includes sitting down with other members [of the Engineering Society] and discussing services,” he said.

Zabrodski said he’s also been involved with other facets of Applied Science during his time at Queen’s.

“For the past two years I’ve been a TA for geological sciences and engineering, which gives me the hands-on classroom experience to teach students, which I really enjoy.” As for cotton candy machines, Nintendo Wii games and other campaign gimmicks used by past AMS teams?

“We have made it our mandate not to resort to any gimmicks or tactics like that,” Ceci said. “We’re going to try to put our faces out there, talking to people every day from different groups, making sure people know our names. Gimmicks do turn a lot of people off.”

Adam Zabrodski

1. How many vice-principals are there at Queen’s?

Ops (Bill Bryck), Academic (Patrick Deane), HR (Rod Morrison), research (?), advancement (Sean Conway) (5)

2. Who is the president of OUSA?

Either the VP from Mac or Western as they are the only ones who Iive close enough to commute to head office.

3. How many years has the Queen’s Feminist Review been publishing for?

A few?

4. What ward is the Queen’s campus is situated in, and who is our councillor?

Sydenham Ward. Bill Glover.

5. Who was Robert Sutherland?

First African American to graduate from Queen’s who became a successful lawyer and donated his estate to the University. This donation saved the school from financial hardship.

6. If you were a vegetable, what kind would you be and why?

Red pepper, full of vitamins to keep you health, versatile in cooking, and has a satisfying crunch.

Michael Ceci

1. Who was Queen’s first female principal?

Karen Hitchcock

2. Why does Queen’s have a principal and not a president?

Due to the age of the University’s founding in 1841. The title stuck.

3. What duties fall under the responsibility of the Senate?

Academic duties, non-finance related

4. Who is Kerry Rowe?

V.P. Research

5. Why was Jeffrey Hall built three floors underground?

Due to campus height regulations that no building could be taller than Grant Hall’s tower.

6. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to pull things towards me. Sounds like a great party trick.

Leslie Yun

1. What was the original budget for Phase One of the Queen’s Centre?

Not sure for Phase One…around $40 million? I do know: The total original budget for the entire project is $230 million.

2. Whose face is on the $10 bill?

William Lyon Mackenzie?

3. What was the Journal’s deficit last year?

Around $6,000 - $7,000

4. Who is the interim Vice-Principal (Operations and Finance)?

Mr. Bill Bryck :)

5. Which of the following responsibilities does not fall under the responsibility of Vice-President (Operations)?

a) Bus-It.
b) AMS Assembly budgets.
c) Representing Queen’s to OUSA.

c ) that’s for the UA to deal with :)

6. What colour best describes your mood right now?

Hmmm…white. I have so many emotions going on at one time, and white is the combination of all the colours :)
Thank you, Magic School Bus :)

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