AMS winter referendum statements

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Team CYZ

For us, team Ceci-Yun-Zabrodski, the AMS is about one thing, our top priority, YOU! We are running to be YOUR executive because we want to restore your pride in Queen’s.

Team CYZ believes in taking action, not just talking about accountability. That’s why we are introducing our 6 commitments to students. We have set out clear policy commitments and for each one that remains unfulfilled, we will give back $3,000.

Team CYZ wants to empower students to tackle situations of discrimination, violence, and hate on campus through our Not @ My Queen’s Campaign. This campaign will promote positive dialogue by using new on campus resources to foster a safe and welcoming community.

This past year, we have seen our administration move the fall Homecoming tradition to the spring with little transparency, and the AMS has not stood up for you. Team CYZ will ensure student representation with the administration when we restore the Homecoming tradition to the fall of 2011.

Team CYZ will make Queen’s a leader in environmental sustainability by putting pressure on the administration to reduce our carbon consumption. With EnviroGrants, team CYZ will promote student-led sustainability initiatives by providing additional funding through the creation of exclusive grants. As one of the largest stakeholder groups in the Queen’s Centre, you have a right to know where your money is going. Team CYZ will ensure that student views are represented at the planning table and that your services, funded through your fees, will remain functional throughout the transition.

From increasing support for clubs, to helping you save money on textbooks, to providing better food options in your services, to properly informing you of the housing options in Kingston, team CYZ’s platform will keep our promise to you. We will restore YOUR pride in Queen’s.

Your Queen’s. Our Promise.

Team MAP

Colin McLeod, Ellen Allwright and Suhail Panjwani come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of experiences both within and outside of the AMS. This perspective has allowed them to develop a very grassroots approach that is student focused and goal oriented.

Team MAP’s platform focuses on three main pillars: advocating, educating and empowering. These themes incorporate Team MAP’s vision to develop an AMS that will reach out to all students at Queen’s.

Advocating: Working closely with faculties and departments, Team MAP will advocate for a shift in focus to the hiring of quality classroom educators, increased student access to USAT forms, and earlier access to exam schedules. Team MAP will address sustainability on campus by lobbying the new Principal to sign the University President’s Climate Commitment and encourage the University to publish all relevant environmental assessment data. At the internal level, Team MAP will ensure that all AMS services will undergo a green audit.

Educating: Team MAP will ensure that the AMS educates beyond the classroom. Forums hosted by the National Coalition Building Institute will serve as open opportunities to discuss social issues on campus; these sessions will encourage students to express a variety of view points and will be part of the training for all service staff of the AMS. The emphasis will focus on overarching issues, not specific incidents. Team MAP will also commit to transparency; goals and financials will be published and the AMS will improve communication with faculty societies so that all members are given the attention and resources they deserve.

Empowering: Team MAP will empower you to create the Queen’s that you want. Regular Open Town Hall Forums will give you a voice on all matters affecting Queen’s by letting you set the agenda.

Morgan Campbell, student trustee candidate

Few could fail to notice that we are faced with many issues here at Queens. As Trustee my commitment will be to keep a few key goals at the forefront. I will ensure that students’ interests are represented in the budgetary decision making process during this time of economic contraction, advocating the social issues most relevant to undergraduates. Using any and all capacities available to the office of Undergraduate Trustee, I will speak out against budgetary decisions that threaten the quality of education or allocate fees in a way discordant with undergraduate opinion. I will also focus on the issue of the homecoming cancellation, striving to reclaim this Queen’s tradition while preserving our reputation as an acclaimed academic institution. Perhaps most importantly, I will ensure that the Administration and Board of Trustees must engage with an impassioned student voice on the issues of human rights and discrimination on campus. I believe this to be one of the most important roles for the incoming Trustee. It is my opinion that the administration has remained unacceptably silent regarding this problem, branding it solely as a student issue and thus failing to fulfill a responsibility to facilitate constructive community relations on campus.

Working in student government and social issues is very familiar terrain for me. I served as the representative of the State of Minnesota to the US national association of student councils. Currently, I serve as the Vice-President of the 2011 Year Society. In addition, I am currently on the Executive of the Queen’s Project for International Development and have travelled to Kenya on development projects in the past. I, Morgan Campbell, am ready to use the position of Undergraduate Trustee to give prominence to students’ opinion on the issues that have come to be so heated at Queen’s.

Gary Yeung, student trustee candidate

The challenges we face are paramount: Queen’s campus is confronted with huge changes and financial obstacles. The Board of Trustees, the highest governing body on non-academic issues, will work towards solutions to these challenges.

Like every student, I believe in FAIR TUITION FEES and QUALITY that matches it. Money should be INVESTED RESPONSIBLY in the DIVERSE interests of students. Our facilities and services must be COMPETITIVE with other universities. I believe that we need capable leaders who UNDERSTAND STUDENTS and have a clear vision for Queen’s.

With these principles in mind, I will ACTIVELY ENGAGE other trustees and student leaders to work towards finding answers to the hurdles facing Queen’s. More importantly, I will engage YOU through different methods and be YOUR VOICE when dealing with these issues.

I have the EXPERIENCE and SKILLS necessary to deal with the challenges we face. I am on the AMS Board of Directors, dealing with the Queen’s Centre and fiscal issues. As the AMS Deputy Communications Officer, I have actively implemented solutions to engage students in student government affairs. In my position as Chairman of the Kids Help Phone Student Council, I continually worked with others to reach common goals.

Together, WE CAN break barriers to the challenges facing us. Feel free to email me at and visit to learn more!

On January 27 and 28, VOTE GARY for Student Trustee.

Athletics & Recreation

Recreation and sport programs and services are a critical component of the Queen’s experience. Whether for fitness classes, intramurals, competitive sport, recreation or personal fitness, about 1 in 4 undergraduate students walk through the front door of the PEC each day. That’s around 21,000 students each week.

Currently, students pay an athletics and recreation fee of $131.75 to enjoy a wide range of athletic and recreation program services including: • cardio and weight rooms, racquet courts, gyms and fields

• drop-in recreational activities (basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer and swimming) • admission to home, regular season, inter-university games • instructional programs • fitness classes • intramurals (on and subsidized off campus) * a wide variety of competitive sport opportunities This fee (which contributes to programs and services and not to the construction of the Queen’s Centre) is adjusted approximately every 10 years (the last referendum was in 1997). In addition to the student fee, Athletics & Recreation is funded through University contributions and self-generated revenue.

A fee increase is required to avoid significant cuts to these valued programs and services. The amount of this increase will be closely tied to the programs and services offered. Students will be asked to respond to two plebiscite questions and to complete a brief survey in the AMS Winter Referendum – this information will guide us in determining the amount of the fee increase. The proposed fee increase (to be implemented in September 2009) will then be presented for approval at the AMS annual general meeting in March.

Camaraderie, friendship, personal health, faculty rivalries, competition, school spirit - Athletics & Recreation is a vital part of your Queen’s experience – let’s work together to keep it that way.

Get the facts, go to

Baja SAE Design Team

Queen’s University Baja SAE is a student-run team that designs, builds, and races an off-road vehicle. The team is currently entering its 17th year. Each year the team attends three North American competitions, competing against over 200 schools from around the world. Last year, the team ranked 1st in North America, with the greatest accumulated points, and have consistently placed in 1st or 2nd for the past five years. In order to extend our success into next season, it is imperative that we receive funding. This $0.25 fee has quickly become one of our main sources of funding due to recent budget cuts at Queen’s.

The Baja SAE competitions simulate a real-world design problem where each team must design a car around a 10 horsepower engine, market it as a prototype, and generate and manage sponsorship and funding. Each year, our team builds a new car from scratch to travel over the rough terrain at the competitions. For one of the competitions floatation is added to the car, making the vehicle amphibious.

If you interested in learning more about the team, or just want to look at some pictures/videos of our car, please visit our website:

Support a team that showcases the ingenuity of Queen’s students: VOTE YES FOR THE $0.25 OPT-OUTABLE QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY BAJA SAE FEE.

Centre for teaching and learning

Established in 1992 by a $750,000 endowment from the AMS, the Centre for Teaching and Learning strives to enhance the quality of instruction at Queen’s University. Programs, workshops and conferences are run year long with the intention of improving teaching among Professors, Teaching Assistants and Assistant Fellows.

Once a year the Centre for Teaching and Learning holds their “Professional Development day for Teaching Assistants,” a conference free of charge for Teaching Assistants and includes various members of the Queen’s community. It is a one day opportunity where TA’s can get together to focus and improve teaching practices at Queen’s.

The establishment of a $2.00 opt-outable fee would go towards this conference as well as other year long workshops and consultations the Centre for Teaching and Learning provides in their office.

As students, we all understand the value of a good teacher. This small fee will help support the continued efforts of the Centre for Teaching and Learning in improving instruction for our own benefit.

Please direct your questions to the Academic Affairs Commission ( Thank you for your support.

Formula SAE team

The Queen’s University Formula SAE Team is a student run design team located in McLaughlin Hall. Comprised of students from multiple engineering disciplines and faculties, Queen’s FSAE designs, builds, and races an open-wheel racecar every year. Founded in 1991, we constantly strive to increase the international exposure of Queen’s University through competition at international events.

The Formula SAE competition, in which we compete, is recognized as the largest engineering design competition in the world. There are over 8 events, held across North America and Europe, including the USA, Germany, England, and more. All combined, over 500 universities and other institutions compete.

Our members strive to produce high quality concept vehicles, gathering knowledge and pursuing new ideas at every turn. With such tight competition, we must constantly strive to produce the best possible vehicle within our means. Since 2000, we have used the proceeds of our AMS opt-out fees to develop the best possible vehicle.

We would greatly appreciate the continued support of the Queen’s community, and ask that you vote yes, in the upcoming referendum to the continuation of this opt-out fee.

Voting for the winter referendum will take place on Jan. 27 and 28. For more referendum statements, please see Friday’s paper.

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