YTP: Changing the way things are done

MCRC executive candidates pushing for more communication within residences

MCRC executive candidate team YTP is putting an emphasis on communication within and beyond the residence bubble.

“Our platform is based on making a better residence for everyone, a better community. Implementing more sustainability efforts,” said vice-president (residence affairs) candidate Lucia Ter Stege. “Implementing better communication and basically reorganizing things from the way they are now, just so that everyone can figure out what everyone else is doing. The amount of communication going on right now just isn’t up to par and we’d really like to change that.” Ter Stege, ArtSci ’11, said she is running because her current position within the society inspired her to want to make a positive impact on the 3,000 students living in residence.

“I’m a SF [social facilitator], so I work for MCRC and I originally I hadn’t really thought about it. Then, Tina approached me and I was like ‘Yeah, I really want to do this.” There’s a lot within the residences that would be really, really easy to change and just isn’t happening.”

Presidential candidate Tina Yan said despite loosing the presidential ticket last year, she is running again because of her commitment to the residence system.

“Last year I also ran as well for this position. I wasn’t successful, but I felt like I really wanted to do something for MCRC and that’s why I’m running again this year.”

Yan, ArtSci ’10, said the most pressing issue within the residences is overpopulation.

“Our biggest issue is with the overcrowding. We’ve had almost 500 students at the beginning of the year that were over the number of rooms that there were,” she said. “We really want to change that for the upcoming year because feel that it’s very unfair for students who are paying $10,000. For them to be paying this money and to be stuck in rooms that are too small to even study is not fair.”

Yan said her team wants to foster a greater MCRC presence on campus.

“We want better representation of MCRC itself in the Queen’s community. I doubt many people outside of Vic Hall know what MCRC does or what we’re supposed to do, so it would be nice to change that.”

Vice-president (discipline) candidate Duncan Peterson said his experience with non-academic discipline is what led him to decide to run for MCRC executive.

“I’ve been a member of the judicial committee for about a year and a half now. Through that time, I’ve seen a lot of things that could be improved with the non-academic discipline system with MCRC.”

Peterson, ArtSci ’11, said he wants to increase the communication within the residence discipline system.

“ As far a discipline goes, there really needs to be more communication as well. This is especially to the students, as well as the dons to the DFs [discipline facilitator] as well.”

Peterson said he wants to reform the residence discipline system in order to increase transparency regarding student violations.

“There are stacks of violations that happen every month. Usually they are only released to the dons in September. What we’re looking to do is release those violations every month. That way the dons can develop and implement strategies to reduce the amount of violations in certain areas.”

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