Letters to the Editors

Offensive tactics

Dear Editors,

It must be fall on campus here at Queen’s, because students are getting restless. Thankfully, most of us expel this restlessness by getting rowdy at Stages, dumping our partners or taking up long distance running.

This letter is not directed at these people. I’m talking about Queen’s Alive, the people who have decided red armbands on their jackets with LIFE printed fringes on the behaviour of decent humans.

I can hear the thought process now: “We will bring up painful and horrible memories of a past genocide to draw a loose and completely inappropriate comparison to abortion.” For me—and the majority of mentally stable individuals—comparing Nazism and abortion goes beyond reprehensible behaviour and dives whole-heartedly into “so crazy you should be isolated from the general population” stuff. Now is the point where you skip to the bottom of the screen and start making free speech, moralistic comments attacking my left-wing godless agenda. You can get to that in a minute, but I have a few more arrows to sling.

Yes, I’m pro-choice, but I’m not anti-pro-life. I also feel this topic, like so many others, has plenty of space for rational, informed discussion.

This letter is intended to directly mock and ridicule your childish and infantile tactics that have real and painful consequences for many fellow humans here on campus. Shame on you.

As a devout Christian myself, my final words are simple: “Forgive them [creator], they know not what they do” (Luke 23. 43.).

Paul Tye,
ArtSci ’09

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