COMPSA Elections

More than 170 computing students are set to vote on Feb. 2 and Feb. 3 in the Computing Student Association (COMPSA) elections. All candidates are proposing a better-organized, tighter-structured constitution.

Presidential candidate Eril Barkok, ArtSci ’12, said having already sat on COMPSA council, he’s looking forward to taking on more responsibility.

In the last two years, Barkok has been the software design and computing representative, a tech for computing orientation and he’s currently COMPSA’s academics chair. He said his experience will benefit COMPSA.

“I would really like for COMPSA to be taken more seriously by ironing out the constitution,” he said. “By taking the reins, I’ll be able to rise to the challenge.”

Barkok said he fulfills all the qualities one would want in a leader—he’s efficient, responsible and reliable, adding that he also has qualities that set him apart from others.

“I have an eccentric flare that’s not simply content with maintaining the status quo,” he said. “I’m approachable and ready to listen.”

Vice-president (university affairs) candidate Julian Marco Pileggi, currently vice president (operations), said his involvement with COMPSA council and computing orientation has broadened his knowledge of how the School of Computing operates.

He said he’s running to ensure COMPSA students are better represented with the school’s faculty, staff and the University.

“I feel like this position is mainly seen as many meetings but not a lot else outside of this,” he said. “I want to change the University Affairs position to make it more of a medium between the students and the university instead of just a report to the university from the students.”

Pileggi said he plans to implement a policy manual that COMPSA’s currently without. He said the report contains information on COMPSA policies for orientation, hiring and other policies that are in practice but not yet in writing.

“I intend to work with the new executive closely as we all share a common goal in this,” he said.

Vice-president (operations) candidate Tamara Redwood, ArtSci ’10, said her role as COMPSA President gave her insight into COMPSA’s financial situation.

“Last year we had financial issues,” she said. “My main goal as president was to make COMPSA more accountable. We implemented mid-year reviews and everyone was able, in anonymous way, to say how they felt others we’re doing on the position.”

Redwood is one of two candidates running for this position. She said her experience gives her an edge over her opponent.

“I believe that I have much more experience to be in this role, so my platform is based around my passion and how I’ve shown that to the students,” she said. “My experience as president, in that formal setting, sets me apart. I attended those meetings and I’m used to speaking out in them and I think that’s a big asset.”

Vice-president (operations) candidate Daniel Basilio, ArtSci ’12, said he’s never held a position on COMPSA before, but he knows he’ll get the job done.

“I can bring a new set of ideas to the table,” he said. “It’s a privilege going up against someone with so much experience.”

Basilio said he’s running to ensure COMPSA has sustainable operation that contains more checks and balances than it did before.

“We first need to work out certain issues, such as improving our constitution to closely match our current activities and to ensure that we have checks and balances every step of the way.”

Because attendance has been going down, Basilio said he wants to see more club involvement.

“I believe COMPSA can be a great association and a shining beacon of organization for other schools of approximately the same size,” he said. “I want to push for more unity between computing students and have more people coming out to more events.”

Basilio said he’s going to focus his efforts on having a sustainable orientation—and that each year doesn’t start from scratch.

“I think COMPSA can be more than it is now,” he said. “I want my visions of COMPSA to be realized. Maybe not in a year or two, maybe not while I’m at Queen’s, but eventually.”

Also running for COMPSA positions are Biomedical Computing Representative Wesley Wong, ArtSci ’12, Cognitive Science Representative Zack Klebanoff, ArtSci ’13, and Software Design and Computing Representative Julia Canella ArtSci ’12 and Serban Marin ArtSci ’12.

On Feb. 4 candidates will be contacted by e-mail or phone with the results.

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