Guide to Queen’s acronyms

in the Journal style guide, there is a dire warning written to all writers for this paper: “Beware (QAB): Queen’s Acronym Bullshit. because there are so many acronyms at this university, you can risk making your copy sound like a transcript of military code.”

That’s certainly what i felt, and continue to feel, since coming to queen’s four years ago. This school has abbreviations everywhere you look. I blame it on the students themselves, knowing what P&CC stands for gives you a feeling of being included in some big secret.

So, in order to help new students along this September, here’s a guide to some of the most common acronyms and how they can help you out.

What it stands for
What it is

Alma Mater Society
Starting with the biggest, the AMS is Canada’s oldest undergraduate student government and governs the majority of student services at queen’s.

Arts and Science Undergraduate Society
The largest faculty society on campus, operates the ArtSci frosh week.

John Deutsch University Centre
The home of the AMS, P&CC, QP and many more other acronyms.

Athletics and Recreation Centre
The recreational portion of the new Queen’s Centre. it cost an arm and a leg to build but the payoffs include treadmills and elliptical with built in TVs and fans.

Queen’s Computerized Access and Registration Database
The soon to be replaced (with QUASR) online system you need to suffer through in order to register for classes, change timetables, order transcripts and more.

Health Counselling and Disability Services
Not only a fully-staffed clinic, but a resource for students’ health questions and consultations.

Main Campus Residence Council
The organization that provides services, self-government and discipline for students in residence. If you bring beer in underage, they’ll be the one writing you the ticket.

Integrated Learning Centre
Housed in Beamish-Munro Hall, the centre provides bookable rooms, study areas and engineering resources.

Publishing and Copy Centre
Housed in the JDUC, they have printers and photocopiers, each complete with its own first name.

Queen’s First Aid
Emergency response team staffed by student volunteers trained in first aid.

The AMS Pub Services
The section of AMS Hospitality Services that oversees Alfie’s and QP.

Queen’s Pub
Beer and Food.

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