Triple set a triple threat

Monuments and Statues, Bravestation and headliners Dora Alexander showed attendees last Saturday at The Mansion why Canada is the hub for up-and-coming talent


Having only discovered the angst-filled goodness of the CW’s Life Unexpected the night before, it is understandable why I was hesitant to leave my Megavideo marathon to head to The Mansion to see Monuments and Statues, Bravestation and Dora Alexander perform. However, I have never been so grateful to have dragged my butt out of bed because it introduced me to three amazing bands.

Though it may seem like a random grouping of bands, with Monuments and Statues strumming to the folk beat and Bravestation and Dora Alexander exploring indie rock, it actually melded well together. Monuments and Statues was the perfect opener, allowing you to sip your drink and lull yourself into this night of indie treats.

Everyone kept commenting that the band is adorable and that may be the best way to describe them. Cellist Mackenzie Bromstad in her floral skirt and knee high socks, (with a matching striped ribbon around her cello and banjoist Geoff Reith, rocking a vintage puma jacket while he strummed, may have been the cutest thing I have ever seen while in a dark and moody bar.

The music was exactly like you’d expect from an indie folk band, with lots of cutesy songs, like one called “Jeggings.” Though some band members exclaimed this was not the name of the song, others correctly pointed out that jeggings are the comfiest pants out there (sorry Lululemon).

Cass Sclauzero’s vocals were amazing, as her folk twang rang clear through The Living Room. Her passion was clear on her face as she closed her eyes and moved to the music, feeling the melody and feeding that energy to the crowd. Reith felt the music so much it was like the energy was literally lifting him off the ground as he tip-toed around the stage.

Next up was Bravestation, and I, along with everyone else in the crowd, fell in love with this Toronto band’s unique sound. Shockingly, the band is unsigned, which is a crime against humanity. They should be blasting from everyone’s headphones as they are easily the next Kings of Leon.

The vocal duo of Devin and Derek Wilson is addictive with their smooth tones and huge vocal range. What makes this band stand out is Andrew Heppner on keys and engineering, supplying a mix of sounds and instruments to the music that adds an element of surprise to each song.

As if this band was not alluring enough, they are genuinely nice guys, thanking the crowd repeatedly for coming and encouraging them to stick around for Dora Alexander, who they had just been on a mini-tour with.

In fact, both bands seemed like the best of friends as they each sang and bobbed along to each other’s set.

After such an amazing performance by Bravestation I had high expectations from Dora Alexander and they didn’t disappoint.

Dora Alexander had a much more sombre sound than the other bands, thanks in part to Alex Grant’s crooning vocals and the fact that he looks like a brooding Ryan Gosling.

But, I think the power of the band’s music comes from their melodies, brought together by guitarist Christophe Brochard, bassist Michael Succi, drummer and keyboardist Adrian Gagnon and of course Grant. Their songs are uniquely soothing in moments and harshly jarring in others.

Bravestation and Dora Alexander are a perfect combo. Their music is infused with shocking combinations of sounds, melodies, and vocals. Something is truly wrong with the world when every reality and Disney star has an album being released, but these incredibly talented bands are not signed to a record company.

As I walked home that night I had no urge to continue my CW marathon, but instead to go home and blast all three bands.

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