Teenage dream for halloween

A colourful Ke$ha.
A colourful Ke$ha.
Katy Perry.
Katy Perry.
Dapper Don Draper from Mad Men.
Dapper Don Draper from Mad Men.

It’s midterm season and between cramming for tests and copious amounts of time spent in the library, it’s easy to forget to plan out your Halloween costume. This leaves you stuck in huge lines at Dollarama or perusing the empty shelves of Phase 2. But never fear—the Journal is here with a few easy costume ideas to help.

The Jersey Shore Cast

This is the perfect group costume idea and all it requires is “gym, tan, laundry.” For guys, it’s simple: spike your hair up so it’s reminiscent of a porcupine, walk around without a shirt and then right before you head to the clubs yell “It’s t-shirt time!” For girls, invest in a Bumpit to give yourself that Snooki poof. Then find the tightest and shortest dress you can find and simply add tanning lotion or way-too-dark-for-you makeup to get that Jersey glow.

California Gurls

Arguably the song of the summer, Katy Perry’s music video provides a plethora of costume ideas. Most girls already own a pair of short shorts, so all you need is the cupcake bikini and a blue or purple wig. For those who are more conservative, opt for a body suit and then put Styrofoam on it to make your cupcakes. Add a cherry and you are ready to go—extra points if you can make your cupcakes spray whipped cream.


Luckily in today’s world vampires don’t look like Dracula. Instead, they look like normal people, creating an expense-free costume. Being Edward from Twilight just requires a pea coat, white makeup and Robert Pattinson’s famous mane.

You could also channel Damon from the Vampire Diaries by wearing an all-black ensemble topped with a leather jacket. Don’t forget your special ring that lets you walk in the sunlight. For girls it’s just as simple: just wear jeans, a t-shirt and of course gold coloured contacts. If you want a great group costume, have an Edward, a Bella and a wolf pack consisting of shirtless men in cut-off jeans.

Mad Men A trip to the nearest vintage store is in order for the ladies to find a shift dress, a high-waisted skirt or a dress with tons of volume in the skirt. Make sure you enhance your curves and of course break out your best pearls. For the gentlemen it’s easy: put on your best suit, throw on a matching fedora and order yourself an Old-Fashioned. Avatar

Engineers turn themselves purple all the time, so why not turn yourself blue and be a Na’vi from Pandora? Braid your hair into tons of tiny braids with wooden beads throughout. Add some beaded necklaces on your arms and legs, and don’t forget the feathers.

Toy Story

If you want to stay true to the Toy Story franchise, be Buzz Lightyear or Woody. Dress like a cowboy/girl and you’re Woody or Jessie. Buzz is more complex and requires painted cardboard or some serious eBay perusal. Other notable options: Mr. Potato Head, Barbie, Rex, Slinky Dog or Dolly. If you want a group costume, this is the way to go.

Facebook Applications

Wear a cardboard box with the word “Like” on it, or put a frame around your face and be your display picture. On a huge piece of Bristol board, you could also make a news feed and wear it as a sign. Mark Zuckerberg is also an easy costume—just wear jeans and a Harvard sweatshirt. If you want to be billionaire Zuckerberg, put on your best suit and walk around with a Justin Timberlake look-a-like. KE$HA

Frizz out your hair, smudge your eye makeup and add some glitter all over your face. Ke$ha’s clothes are easy to replicate with a pair of jean shorts, a loose fitting concert t-shirt and a pair of ripped fishnets under black boots.

Lady Gaga

If you’re truly daring, take a trip to Metro for a selection of raw meat. Then find an old dress you no longer like and stitch the meat onto the dress. For those who only buy meat to eat, take a trip to the fabric store to wrap yourself in yards of red lace and include a face mask. Or find a short dress that you can bedazzle with rhinestones. Add some super high heels, a crazy headpiece and tons of make-up and you are now Gaga.

Tiger Woods/Jesse James

It was sadly the year of seemingly good guys cheating on their gorgeous wives with large numbers of remarkably less attractive women. For Tiger: find your best golfing attire—a classic polo shirt, dress pants, golf shoes, a white glove and a Nike hat. If you’re going as a group have a bunch of girls dress slightly scandalously. Jesse James is also an easy one. You just need to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Then throw on a pair of sleeves, or if you’re feeling creative draw your own sleeves. Bonus points if your friends look like Kat von D or Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

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