Presidential candidate Morgan Campbell (left), vice-president (Operations) candidate Ashley Eagan (right) and vice-president (University Affairs) candidate Kieran Slobodin (centre) want to bring a pharmancy and fresh-produce grocer to the Queen’s Centre.
Presidential candidate Morgan Campbell (left), vice-president (Operations) candidate Ashley Eagan (right) and vice-president (University Affairs) candidate Kieran Slobodin (centre) want to bring a pharmancy and fresh-produce grocer to the Queen’s Centre.

Team CES presidential candidate Morgan Campbell, vice-president (Operations) candidate Ashley Eagan and vice-president (University Affairs) candidate Kieran Slobodin describe themselves as AMS insiders with experience and research on their side this election.

With a comprehensive platform that includes 16 initiatives, Team CES said one of their favourite points focuses on bringing more services to the Queen’s Centre.

Over the summer, Eagan said she went on a Student Life Centre road-trip to investigate the possibility of bringing a pharmacy and a fresh-produce grocer into the empty spaces in the Queen’s Centre. The grocer would also have an online delivery component for students.

“We knew [the AMS] would be getting control of the Queen’s Centre, and we knew that there was this empty space,” Eagan, ArtSci ’11, said. “Every student life centre I visited had a pharmacy, but the only grocery check-out store was at Western. I’ve been able to rack up a number of contacts through my travels, and the Queen’s administration is crazy about the idea.”

The team reiterated that the services would operate as businesses, renting the space from the AMS. Furthermore, team CES said that they have been in contact with the Grocery CheckOut, the grocer at Western who is eager to expand to Queen’s.

“Team CES is devoted to having simple, healthy food options on campus,” Eagan said. “I’m so excited about this.” But the platform extends beyond the green grocer. Team CES said they plan to convert the sustainability coordinator’s role into that of a sustainability commissioner.

“It’s very clear that this campus is serious about sustainability initiatives,” Slobodin, ArtSci ’12, said, adding that the creation of an entire commission devoted to sustainability will allow the issue to be incorporated into all aspects of AMS policy.

If elected, the team also pledges to implement composting systems for the Queen’s Pub and Common Ground.

“The services are already outputting so much organic waste, and we’d be partnering with Queen’s Hospitality and Food Services, which already compost in the cafeterias,” Eagan said. “We’d be working with them to get a pick-up system.”

Team CES has already negotiated with Athletics and Recreation to pay for the renovation of MacGillivray-Brown Hall, so it would come at no addition cost to the AMS or students. The AMS-owned building currently houses the AMS Food Centre and AMS IT offices.

“It’s about turning it into the campus hub that it should be,” Slobodin said. The renovated space would be used by intramural teams to play games, and also as a practice and performance space for AMS clubs.

“A lot of [performance-based groups] don’t have a performance space that is sound proof. Having them able to practice here will be fantastic,” Campbell, ArtSci ’11, said.

Team CES will also partner with Athletics and Recreation to create an incentive program, ‘Passport to your athletics,’ to encourage students to attend games to increase campus spirit. Every time Queen’s students attend a games, they get a stamp in their passport, which will eventually lead to rewards like Gaels merchandise or NHL tickets.

Homecoming is another avenue that Team CES addresses in their platform. Through the creation of a Homecoming contract, Team CES hopes to outline what is expected of students, the administration, and the City of Kingston over the next three year suspension until 2014.

“It’s not feasible to bring it back but what our volunteers were saying to us was that if we just knew what the administration wanted, it would be easier to deal with the three year hiatus,” Campbell said. “We want to lay out what everyone expects, and we want to lay out exactly what student rights mean.”

Other platform points include the creation of gender-neutral washrooms in AMS-owned spaces and lobbying the administration to do the same for university owned buildings. Team CES will also implement semi-weekly free women’s self-defence classes run through Athletics and Recreation.

They also plan to create an online campus calendar for clubs to post their events and will lobby to bring the orientation week concert back to campus. On the new SOLUS system that will be replacing QCARD in March, Team CES plans to lobby the administration to implement a waitlist feature for classes.

“We have the experience to know what’s feasible and practical, and we’re looking towards an environmentally and financially sustainable AMS,” Campbell said. “That’s a principle that a lot of Queen’s students embrace.”

For the full platform see voteces.com.

‘I know how to ask the critical questions’

Presidential candidate Morgan Campbell, describes her team as professional, research-based and collaborative.

“Our past experiences are very well suited for the portfolios we’re going for,” she said. Campbell has served as undergraduate student trustee for the past two years, a position where she oversaw the entire university budget.

“I know how to ask the critical questions,” she said. “Having a general sense of [the way the University is run] and where the AMS fits into the overall governance of the university is absolutely integral. You have to know the administrator’s side as well.”

Currently Retail Services Director for the AMS, vice-president (Operations) candidate Ashley said experience in services has given her a good sense of how to manage AMS finances.

“I managed a $1.3 million budget as Destinations head manager [last year.] Although it did run at a deficit [due to factors beyond my control], I’ve been able to … implement better management within Tricolour Outlet this year,” Eagan said. “I’ve also been working closely with the vice-president (Operations) [Ben Hartley], which has given me so much background knowledge.”

Vice-president (University Affairs) candidate Kieran Slobodin is the academic affairs commissioner, a position he said has solidified his knowledge of the AMS on the government side.

“I’ve worked closely with the vice-president (University Affairs) [Chris Rudnicki], and my commission operates very similarly to that portfolio…. I’m working with a budget that has consistently met its target,” Slobodin said. “Working with a smaller budget gives you a good eye for where you can spend your money well.”

Katherine Fernandez-Blance

Morgan Campbell

1) In what year did Queen’s first admit women?


2) What is the job of the provost? Who is it and what other title does s/he hold?

The provost is also the VP Academic, his (Bob’s) role is to be a “leader among leaders,” essentially to guide the VP’s under a united direction based on the Academic mission of the university.

3) Name two Queen’s landmarks which share the same name?

Agnes Etherington Art Gallery and Etherington Hall. Robert Sutherland Hall and Robert Sutherland Room.

4) Who was the Gaels’ starting quarterback in 2010?

Danny Branagan

5) Who was Robert Sutherland?

Black law school graduate of Queen’s who donated his estate to Queen’s when the university was on the verge of bankrupcy [sic].

6) What is your favourite TV show and why?

30 Rock, because it’s not too flashy, it’s topical and hilarious.

Answers are here

Ashley Eagan

1) How many full-time undergraduate students are there at Queen’s?


2) Who is Georgina Moore?

A woman I should most likely know.

3) What is TAPS projected revenue for 2011?

$1.5 million

4) Which service ran the largest deficit last year?

Common Ground

5) How many people sit on Board of Directors?

1 chair, 5 student directors, 2 community members, AMS GM, 3 exec, 3 service directors, = 15.

6) If you were given a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do?

Donate it to advancing Phase 2 + 3 to SLC project student Life Centre.

Answers are here

Kieran Slobodin

1) How many committees are there under the Municipal Affairs Commission?

Hype, MIC, Breakfast Club, Generations, MAC, Kaleidoscope, HSL (High School Liaisons)

2) How much did this past year’s September Fauxcoming cost the City of Kingston?

$120,000 though there are indirect costs as well.

3) Who is director of Campus Security?


4) What was the original name of the Queen’s Pub?

Most people called it the “Quiet Pub,” due to its proximity to Residences. I think under the Tam/Kilt.

5) Name the four districts that encapsulate Queen’s and the ghetto? Bonus points if you can name the city counsellor for each district.

Sydenham District

6) If you could be anyone else (fictional or real), who would you be and why?

Chuck from the show. Chuck because he’s a relatively ordinary guy with a super computer head. He’s basically a ninja-spy.

Answers are here

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